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Shooting in Alabama: police found 7 bodies in a burning house

The bodies of seven adults and a dog were found shot dead in a burning house in Alabama. The police received a call about the shooting, after which the officers arrived at the scene. Writes about it Dailymail.

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Four men, three women and a dog were found in a house in Valermoso Springs near Huntsville late in the evening on Thursday, June 4.

Authorities say that at around 23:30 p.m. 911 received a call about the shots. When the police arrived at the scene, the house was engulfed in fire.

The police were able to put out the fire before the firemen arrived. The bodies were discovered after the flame had died down.

Screenshot: Twitter / @ morgan_sheriff

The sheriff’s office did not disclose the identity or age of the victims. All seven dead - and adults. The police said that no survivors were found.

The sheriff’s office said on Twitter that the scene was safe and there was no immediate threat to the public.

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The police did not provide any information about the suspect, but said that she was following the testimony of her neighbors.

Sheriff’s office spokesman Mike Swafford said the police responded more than once to calls to this house and was there last time just a week ago.

Screenshot: Twitter / @ morgan_sheriff

“This is a terrible incident, and its investigation will take some time,” Swafford said. - The motive for the crime is unclear. There is currently no definitive suspect. Investigators find out exactly what happened and who was involved. ”

Screenshot: Twitter / @ morgan_sheriff

“We believe that there can be no threat to human life in this area,” Swafford added. “We had a triple murder two weeks ago, and I think this is the first murder anyone can remember in the past 20 plus years, so the seven victims are something unbelievable.”

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