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More than 100 thousand cases: the USA came out on top in the world in the number of coronavirus infections

The United States overtook China in the number of coronavirus infected (more than 101 thousand according to data at 19:00 ET on March 27), becoming the first country in the world to overcome the 100 thousandth mark. The number of cases in the United States is growing rapidly, while in China the number of new infections is in the tens of days. Writes about this with the BBC.

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According to US President Donald Trump, the country came out on top in cases of coronavirus infection due to mass testing of people.

In New York alone, there are more than 37 thousand cases. Worse statistics only in Italy. Cases of infection recorded in all 50 US states, the number of deaths reached the mark of 1300 people.

Earlier, the US Senate passed a bill on $ 2 trillion to support the country's economy. This is the largest government assistance package in American history. It is estimated that each adult US citizen will receive one-time assistance of $ 1200. In addition, small companies will be able to rely on subsidies to ensure payment of wages.

The number of unemployed in the United States after the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic exceeded all forecasts and amounted to 3,3 million people.

The most vulnerable part of the population are those who receive hourly wages and live from paycheck to paycheck. Millions of such workers were left without work overnight.

According to the Department of Labor, more than three million Americans last week filed applications for unemployment benefits - this exceeded the previous record in 1982, when 695 people stood in line for benefits.

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The total number of coronavirus infected in the world on Thursday, March 26, exceeded half a million people.

In France and Britain, there has been a sharp increase in the number of deaths from the disease. In Italy, the number of deaths increased again: 712 people died in a day, and in total during the pandemic - 8 people.

President Of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky announced the complete closure of borders, and in Britain announced measures to support the self-employed.

The weak hopes that appeared on Tuesday, March 24th, that in Italy the growth in the number of deaths from the coronavirus began to decline, on Thursday, March 26th, collapsed: 712 people died in a day. Earlier it was reported that 662 infected died, but authorities did not include 50 deaths from the Piedmont region in the report.

This means that the number of deaths per day has increased again. On Wednesday, March 25, this figure was 683 cases.

Virtual summit

The leaders of the G26 countries held on Thursday, March XNUMX, a virtual summit chaired by Saudi Arabia, which discussed an emergency plan to combat the global threat.

The leaders of the G5 countries have promised to allocate $ XNUMX trillion to the fight against coronavirus in all countries affected by the pandemic. First of all, they will help countries with an underdeveloped health care system, especially island states.

In the coming weeks, GXNUMX finance ministers will work with the governors of the European Central Bank on a program of action to support the global economy.

Their goal is to prevent a halt in world trade, especially in medicines. They also promise additional measures aimed at repatriating citizens where it is needed.

The UN asks world leaders to pay particular attention to the fate of millions of refugees and displaced people, especially in countries such as Syria and Libya, which, due to the political crisis, cannot help those in need.

Ukraine has closed the border

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky announced that by Friday evening, March 27, completely closes the state border.

“Until the end of Friday, March 27, the state border will be closed and all passenger traffic will be stopped,” he said in an address to the Ukrainians.

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The president promised to return those citizens of the country who would remain at the moment the border was closed abroad.

“No one will forget about a single Ukrainian who will stay abroad. We will gradually return you from abroad, but taking into account the epidemic situation at the place of your stay, as well as the level of provision with the necessary funds and the readiness of the medical system for your mandatory isolation, ”the president explained.

The Ukrainian railway monopoly, JSC Ukrzaliznytsia, has appointed a Kiev-Moscow flight for March 27, intended for the evacuation of Ukrainian citizens from Russia. However, according to the company's plans, he is to leave Moscow on March 28 and arrive in Kiev on Sunday, March 29, in the morning.

Self-proclaimed republics in eastern Ukraine have not yet made statements about border closures. Two days ago, in the so-called DPR, 71 patients were suspected of having coronavirus.

Anxiety in Italy

On Tuesday, March 24, there was hope that in the northern regions of Italy, the most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, for the first time since the outbreak, there has been a decline in the number of infected and dead, and the dynamics of infection begins to slow down.

The new numbers of sick and dead on Thursday, March 26, however, indicate the opposite. In addition, there were fears that the epicenter of the epidemic could move to the south of the country.

The southern regions of Italy are poorer than the northern ones, it is more difficult to fight the spread of the virus and treat the sick there.

Spain's highest mortality rate

The most difficult situation is in southern Europe: Spain outstripped China in the number of deaths from the coronavirus, second only to Italy in the sad ranking.

Over the past day, 738 people died in the country - a record number for one day. The total number of deaths in Spain at the moment is 4 365 people.

In China 3 people died, in Italy - 296.

In Spanish hospitals with a confirmed diagnosis, there are about 27 thousand people. The worst situation in Madrid, the number of infected in Catalonia is growing rapidly.

The Spanish Parliament extended the quarantine regime in the country for another two weeks.

Earlier it was reported that COVID-19 was identified with the country's Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo. On Sunday, she was taken to a hospital with signs of pulmonary failure.

The crisis in Britain

The number of deaths from coronavirus in Britain per day for the first time exceeded the mark of 100 people. A total of 580 people died from the infection, local authorities said.

In total, almost 105 thousand people passed the coronavirus test in the country, of which 11 816 were infected.

In Britain, universal quarantine continues to operate, almost all stores are closed, except for pharmacies and grocery stores, residents are recommended to leave the house only in case of emergency.

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On Wednesday, March 25, police were given the power to fine violators of isolation. In England, the penalty for the first violation is 60 pounds ($ 73) (or 30 ($ 36,6) if paid within two weeks), but for repeated violations you can get a fine of 960 pounds ($ 1).

The management of one of the London hospitals warns that medical institutions in London are expecting a "tsunami infected with coronavirus." Also, according to one of the doctors, medical institutions are beginning to experience a shortage of beds equipped with mechanical ventilation devices.

According to Chris Hopson, head of one of the companies that regulate the work of the British National Health System (NHS), the possibilities of resuscitation and intensive care units in hospitals in London have been significantly expanded since the outbreak, but very soon it will not be enough.

London accounts for one third of all cases confirmed in Britain.

In addition, according to Hopson, there is a serious shortage of medical staff in the country, as many doctors dealing with patients with COVID-19 went into isolation.

On Thursday, March 26, a message was received about the first death in a British prison. An 84-year-old prisoner who was diagnosed with COVID-19 died.

British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak told how the authorities are going to help the self-employed. They will be able to demand from the government assistance in the amount of 80% of their average monthly profit, but the maximum amount of assistance will be limited to 2500 pounds ($ 3 053) per month.

Now it is planned that the scheme will last three months, starting in March, but payments will be one-time, they will be made in June.

Draconian measures in France

The number of deaths from COVID-19 in France has increased dramatically. The authorities said that 365 people died in a day, and the total figure is now 1. The day before, 698 people were reported dead. The country has nearly 231 thousand infected.

French authorities tirelessly tighten restrictive outbreak control measures. Lovers of jogging in the fresh air can no longer be removed from home for more than a kilometer, and stay on the street for more than an hour.

Hundreds of thousands of police patrol the streets of French cities. Quarantine violators will face a six-month prison sentence.

Journalists now require special permission to work on city streets. Previously, it was enough to present a certificate of publication.

There are cases when people are fined if they are in the car in two. Only one family member can go out for groceries.

Germany: no more than two are going

In Germany, the rules are not so strict. Family can go for walks if they live under the same roof.

You can also meet on the street with friends and other relatives, but in this case you can only walk together and keep a distance of 1,5 meters. This is being watched by the police.

The death rate from coronavirus in Germany is still one of the lowest in Europe, but the country's virologists warn that the situation may change.

The Germans write in social networks that all pasta and flour are gone from store shelves, just like in Britain.

In Germany, nearly 50 thousand sick, deaths - 281.

What else in Europe

Most of the population of Austria is in quarantine, and the country's inhabitants are faced with the problem of delivering food to their homes. A schedule of all relevant services is scheduled weeks in advance.

In the capital of Hungary, Budapest, the Bike Maffia charity is cycling hot food and vitamins to homeless shelters.

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A diplomatic conflict is brewing between Slovenia and Serbia: Serbia closed its borders, leaving about 100 of its citizens in Slovenia. They all came to Slovenia to earn money, lost their jobs, but cannot return home. According to the Slovenian authorities, most of them live in cars.

Situation in the world

In Iran, a new surge in cases of infection, the country introduced a ban on long-distance traffic.

Singapore's economy has shrunk by 10% since the beginning of the year compared with the previous quarter.

Kenyan authorities have imposed a ban on the import of used clothing. This is a big business in this country. Many low-income Kenyans dress only in second-hand product markets. Clothing is mainly brought from Europe, North America and China.

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