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Senate made final decision on impeachment trump

On Wednesday, February 5, the US Senate held a final vote on the impeachment of the 45th US President Donald Trump.

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On February 5, at 16:00 p.m., the US Senate began the final vote on the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Due to the fact that the majority in the Senate is held by the Republican Party that has nominated Trump (53 seats), the opponents of the incumbent president did not have enough (two-thirds - 67) votes to remove the president from his post.

The voices are divided as follows

First charge (abuse of power):

  • 52 senators called for Trump's acquittal;
  • 48 - for his charge.

Second charge (attempt to obstruct Congress):

  • 53 - for Trump's excuse;
  • 47 - for his charge.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, presided during the vote. The senators, one after the other, declared “guilty” or “innocent,” in their opinion, Donald Trump.

It is noteworthy that Republican Senator Meat Romney supported Trump's impeachment (on the first charge), becoming the first senator in US history to support the accusations against the president, representing his own party.

The impeachment case is based on the allegation that Trump intentionally refused military assistance to Ukraine in order to put pressure on the country to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, who served on the board of directors of Burisma, Ukraine’s largest gas company, while his father was US vice president.

Trump claimed that he acted appropriately.

Officially articles include Donald Trump's accusations abuse of office for their own political gain, as well as obstructing Congress attempts to investigate its actions.

The fact that Trump is likely to be justified and the chances of his removal is minimal, was stated by most news sources and analysts long before the final vote. In addition to the majority of Republicans in the Senate, the fact thatand the centuries-old history of the country no US president has been removed from office impeachment order. Although the real threat of impeachment still forced one president to voluntarily resign.

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