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'Hardest week': peak coronavirus mortality begins in the US

The United States entered a "peak mortality week" from the coronavirus, as one official called it. Against this backdrop, the federal supervisor reported that hospitals are struggling to maintain and expand their ability to care for infected patients. Writes about it "Voice of America".

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The number of deaths from coronavirus in the United States on Tuesday, April 7, exceeded 11 thousand and is rapidly approaching that of Italy and Spain, where 16 thousand and 12,5 thousand people became victims of the disease, respectively.

“This will be a week of peak hospitalization, peak admission to intensive care units and, unfortunately, peak mortality,” said Admiral Brett Girois, a doctor and a member of the White House Coronavirus Working Group, speaking in the Good Morning America! Program on the ABC channel.

He expressed particular concern about the situation in the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, as well as in the city of Detroit.

Speaking at a White House briefing on coronavirus, US President Donald Trump said that the number of victims of COVID-19 will increase this week.

“Most likely, it will be the hardest week. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of deaths, but less than if we hadn’t done anything, ”he said. - We are approaching the moment when there will be really very bad numbers. We want these numbers to be much lower than they will be. And we will do it. I believe that we probably never saw anything like this, only during the war. ”

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Girois also appeared on the NBC Channel Today program, where he stated: “Regardless of whether you live in a small American town or in New York, everyone is susceptible to this disease, and everyone needs to follow the precautions we talked about. ".

State governors' orders on restrictions on leaving home affected more than 90% of Americans. Only eight states have not imposed such restrictions.

A report from the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services revealed that the “acute shortage” of test materials and the long wait for results limit the ability of hospitals to monitor the health status of staff and patients.

“Hospitals also described significant difficulties in maintaining and expanding patient care opportunities,” the report said, presented as a cross-section of the problems that hospitals faced in mid-March. Measures are being taken to solve these problems, the document says.

The Inspector General’s Office noted that “conflicting instructions from federal, state, and municipal governments” confused hospitals and the public, while a massive shortage of personal protective equipment posed a threat to hospital staff and patients.

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Despite gloomy warnings, at least one development pattern gives hope that mortality has begun to decline.

A model developed by the University of Washington, cited by some federal and state officials, is currently predicting 81766 deaths from coronavirus by August 4, which is 12 fewer than the earlier forecast.

The model, which is regularly adjusted as new data arrives, predicts a peak need for hospital beds on April 15 and a daily death rate of 3130 on April 16.

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