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Oscar 2020: all the details of the ceremony and the list of winners

The Oscar for Best Picture went to Parasite by South Korean director Bong Joon Ho. This is the first time in the history of the award, when a picture not in English won in the nomination "best film", writes Air force.

Photo: The Academy video twitter screenshot @TheAcademy

Parasites won three more nominations: Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Foreign Film.

This film was expected to receive the prize for best international film. This award was previously called Best Foreign Language Film. However, the film was recognized as the best without any discounts for country and language, receiving the main Oscar, and this is a landmark decision for Hollywood.

Thus, "Parasites" received the most awards at the 92nd Oscars in Los Angeles - they won in four nominations out of six in which they were presented.

Bong Joon Ho's film has won awards at many international festivals. At the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Parasites received the Palme d'Or.

The film also won a British Academy Award (BAFTA) for Best Original Screenplay and Best Non-English Language Film. Also, the South Korean film was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film.

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The largest number of nominations, 11, went to "Joker" Todd Phillips. Among other things, he was nominated for the main Oscar prize along with the Irishman (Martin Scorsese), Jojo Rabbit (Taika Waititi), Little Women (Greta Gerwig), Marriage History (Noah Baumbach), 1917 (Sam Mendes), Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Quentin Tarantino) and Ford vs. Ferrari (James Mangold).

As a result, “Joker” won in two nominations. Joaquin Phoenix, who played the main role in it, received the award for best actor, and the author of the soundtrack for "Joker" Icelandic composer Hildur Gudnadouttir received the award for the best film score.

All awards were distributed as follows:

Best movie: "Parasites" (Bong Joon Ho)

Best Directorсcheers: Bong Joon Ho ("Parasites")

Best Actor: Joaquin Phoenix ("Joker")

Best Actress: Renee Zellweger (“Judy”)

Best Supporting Actor: Brad Pitt (“Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood”)

Best Supporting Actress: Laura Dern ("The Marriage Story")

The best original script: Pan Joon Ho and Han Jin Won (“Parasites”)

The best adapted scenario: Taika Waititi ("Rabbit Jojo")

Best animated feature film: Toy Story 4 (Josh Cooley)

Joaquin Phoenix used his performance at the Oscars to remind the audience at once of the many serious challenges facing humanity.

He managed to touch on a whole range of topics - from the problem of cruelty to animals to issues of racial discrimination. At the very beginning of his speech, he said that he intends to use the speech to intercede for those who themselves are deprived of the opportunity to defend themselves.

He began his short presentation with the topic of ecology and animal rights. “We consider ourselves entitled to artificially fertilize a cow. And when she gives birth, we take her baby away from her, and then we take the milk intended for the calf from her and add it to our coffee or cereal, ”said Joaquin Phoenix.

According to the actor, people are afraid of change because they think that they will have to sacrifice something, although the only correct choice is the path of love and compassion.

“I was a scoundrel. Sometimes I was cruel, it was difficult to work with me. Many who are present here in this hall today gave me a second chance at one time. When we support each other, we show ourselves best, ”said Joaquin Phoenix.

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Brad Pitt at the ceremony received his first acting "Oscar" for his role in Quentin Tarantino's film "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood." In 2014, the actor received an Oscar as a producer for the film 12 Years of Slavery.

In his speech on the occasion of the award, Brad Pitt criticized the impeachment of Donald Trump in the Senate.

“I was told that I only have 45 seconds to speak here, but 45 seconds is significantly longer than what the Senate gave John Bolton this week,” said Brad Pitt, thus hinting at the failure of the Republican majority in the US Senate to summon ex-presidential national security adviser John Bolton to testify.

“Maybe Quentin will make a movie about it, and in the finale the adults will make the right decision,” Brad Pitt said ironically. He also did not forget to thank Quentin Tarantino for working on the film.

“You are original, you are the only one. The film industry would have dried up without you, ”Pitt said to Tarantino.

Renee Zellweger, who won Best Actress for her role as Judy Garland in the biopic Judy, has announced that she is dedicating the award to Judy Garland. According to Zellweger, Judy Garland did not receive due recognition at one time, so the film in which she played the role of a famous American actress and singer is a recognition of her heritage.

"Parasites" - Social Drama, Black Humor or Horror?

In the center of the film is the Kim family - a husband and wife and an almost adult son and daughter, who live in the most slum in the poorest area of ​​Seoul.

They live in complete poverty: the Internet is stolen from a nearby cafe, drunkards constantly urinate at the window of their basement dwelling. They have no money to fight insurmountable cockroaches, and they drive disinfection sprayed on the street into their squalid dwelling. Their only miserable income is the inept manufacture of cardboard pizza boxes.

Hope breaks through when his son, a failed university student, receives an offer from his more successful peer to work as an English tutor for a prosperous family of a wealthy businessman living in a luxurious house in the richest district of the capital.

His ward is a senior schoolgirl, but there is also a tomboy in the Pak family. The only thing that can somehow calm him down is the desire to draw, and the impostor tutor recommends his sister as a drawing teacher and at the same time an art therapist.

We already had the opportunity to see her talents for fine arts when she deftly constructed a fake university diploma on her brother’s computer.

Young men and women are not recognized as wealthy owners in their kinship, and, taking advantage of the trust of employers and resorting to, to put it mildly, not very worthy methods of intrigue and deception, they gradually eliminate the driver and the housekeeper from the family for years.

The vacated seats, of course, are occupied by their own father and mother, instantly materializing as ideal candidates.

About the close family ties of the newly formed complete set of his servants, the host family remains in ignorance.

The result is a classic, well-known from the world-famous "Downton Abbey" mirrored design of top and bottom, rich and poor, servants and servants.

The service is lying, dodging, intriguing. Everything is done inventively, deftly, elegantly and hilariously ridiculously. It’s incredibly exciting to keep an eye on virtuoso, with skill and ability to match Ocean’s friends with multi-way fraudulent combinations.

But think about it! What is the purpose of the Kimov family sated with deceit and even crimes of cunning? Not in 150 million, as in Ocean, but only in the modest work of a tutor, driver, housekeeper.

It turns out, however, that the top-bottom social structure built by the director is not limited to two floors. There is also a basement - a macabre bottom of life, gloomy and hopeless, and the Kims, in order to survive, have to keep the inhabitants of this bottom in much greater oppression than where life drove them.

"Parasites" is the seventh feature film by the 50-year-old director. His previous painting, Okja, caused a scandal in Cannes in 2017.

She became a bone of contention between the Netflix manufacturing company and the organizing committee of the festival, which did not want to receive the film without the traditional movie screening.

With his exciting new and award-winning film Parasite, Bong Joon Ho has firmly established himself as one of the most exciting masters of modern cinema.

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