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After three elections: there will be two prime ministers in Israel

The main political opponents in Israel agreed on a coalition. First, the prime minister will be the leader of one party, then another, writes "Jellyfish".

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Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu and Kahol-Lavan party leader Beni Ganz signed an agreement to create a government coalition.

Under the agreement, the parties agreed on a rotation as prime minister: in the next 18 months, Netanyahu will occupy this position, then Ganz will replace him.

The center-right Likud party and center-left Kahol-Lavan are the main political opponents in Israel. They had to agree on a coalition after, according to the results of three consecutive elections held over the past year, none of the parties, even taking into account the seats of smaller allied parties, managed to form a majority in parliament.

If they had not reached an agreement, the elections would have to be held for the fourth time.

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Between the elections, Netanyahu was charged immediately with three criminal cases involving bribery, fraud and breach of trust. He faces up to 10 years in prison.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • Three electoral cycles have passed in Israel in a little over a year, which cost the country several billion dollars.
  • According to the results first parliamentary elections in 2019Held in April, the government tried to form Benjamin Netanyahu, but failed to do so due to the refusal of Avigdor Liberman, whose party won five seats in the Knesset, to join the block of right-wing parties. Without Lieberman, Netanyahu had 60 votes, that is, before the formation of the coalition, only one vote separated him.
  • As a result, second parliamentary elections in September 2019 none of the political forces succeeded in gaining a majority in the Knesset sufficient to form the ruling coalition. The center-left bloc received a total of 56 seats, while the right-wing bloc won 55 seats. Then a lot also depended on Avigdor Lieberman - the head of the conservative party "Our Home - Israel". Lieberman has repeatedly said that he supports the government of national unity, which, in his opinion, means a government with the participation of Kahol-Lavan, Likud and Our Home - Israel. The majority of the votes were won by the Kahol-Lavan party of Benny Ganz, but Ganz said he would not enter the unity government if Netanyahu remained at the head of the Likud.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the third time in a row failed to achieve a majority in the country's parliament. Following the results of the March 2 elections, his Likud party gained 36 seats, and 61 seats are needed to control the party’s Knesset (coalition). The party of Avigdor Lieberman could be an ideal way out of the situation for Netanyahu, but Lieberman would never want to enter into a coalition with orthodox religious parties.
  • April 17 Knesset gave 21 days to decide on the formation of the governmentotherwise, the fourth parliamentary election could have taken place in Israel. It is believed that the promotion of negotiations was hindered by the issue of Netanyahu’s support for the bill, which would give him immunity from criminal prosecution.
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