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On board Delta and Hawaiian flights there was a coronavirus-affected couple: authorities are sounding the alarm

Delta Air Lines and Hawaiian Airlines are collaborating with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Japanese health officials to track the route of a couple from Nagoya, Japan, who was diagnosed with coronavirus after returning from Hawaii, writes USA Today.

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Health officials in Hawaii say a couple over the age of 60 stayed in Hawaii from January 28 to February 7 and tested positive for coronavirus after being hospitalized in Japan.

A man who was diagnosed earlier than his wife flew with his wife on 3 February with a Hawaiian Airlines flight HA265 from Kahului, Hawaii, to Honolulu. Both then flew home on February 6 with flight 611 Delta from Honolulu to Nagoya.

Delta spokeswoman Adrian G told USA TODAY: “We are aware that two clients who are being treated for the new coronavirus (2019-nCOV) have recently traveled together between Honolulu and Nagoya, and we are communicating with relevant public health officials, including The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Japanese authorities. ”

Representative of the Hawaiian Islands Alex Da Silva told the publication: “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requested information from us about the HA265 flight from Kahului to Honolulu on February 3, 2020, transporting a Japanese guest who has since become ill since his return to Japan. he was diagnosed with COVID-19 by another carrier. ”

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He added that the airline is working with health officials to notify passengers, and has already contacted the employees who performed this flight.

Hawaii's health director, Bruce Anderson, said on February 14 that the couple were staying at the Grand Waikikian Hilton Grand Vacations in Oahu when the man began to show symptoms on February 3. At that time, he did not seek medical help, but he was hospitalized on his return to Japan. Initially, he was diagnosed with pneumonia before a coronavirus test was positive.

Spokeswoman Janice Okubo told the Hawaiian Public Radio that the health department was later notified that the sick man’s wife was also hospitalized.

State epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park said officials believe the man was infected while in Japan or while flying to Hawaii because he developed symptoms about 5 days after arrival. This is in line with current CDC theory of the incubation period of the virus.

“At the moment, we are concentrating on trying to understand with whom this person could have close, long-term contact,” Pak said, noting that officials focused on exploring the man’s route while he was on Oahu, because it was there that he had symptoms.

“After staying with a guest who was later diagnosed with COVID-19, Grand Waikikian complied with all the recommendations of the public health authorities,” said Lauren George, Corporate Communications Director at Hilton Grand Vacations. “Although the Grand Waikikian remains open, as usual, we also work with all current and future guests to ensure their comfort and safety.”

This news came a few days after the Hilton chain announced the temporary closure of 150 hotels in China: a total of about 33 rooms are closed.

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Hawaiian officials say there are still no confirmed cases of the virus in the state. According to the CDC, there are 15 cases in the United States in seven states: Arizona, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.

On January 13, one of the patients returned from the epicenter of the disease in Wuhan, China, and transmitted the virus to her husband, who did not fly there. He became the first person to receive the virus from another person in the United States.

To date, 75 confirmed cases of coronavirus and one death have been reported in Japan. According to Johns Hopkins University tracking cardsAs of 17:00 p.m. Tuesday, February 18, the virus infected 73 people worldwide and killed 451 people. 1875 13 patients recovered.

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