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A plane from New York to London set a record for a transatlantic flight thanks to a hurricane

British Airways broke the record for the fastest ever subsonic flight from New York to London, reaching a top speed of 825 mph (1327 km / h), writes CNN. Hurricane Chiara raging in Britain “helped” this liner.

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The Boeing 747 flew out on the night of February 8th and 9th and reached its destination in 4 hours 56 minutes - this is almost 1,5 hours faster than usual.

“The flight took place on a stronger than usual jet stream with more than 200 mph winds driving the aircraft,” explains Brandon Miller, CNN senior meteorologist. - The responsibility for this is “borne” by the storm of Chiara, which brought devastating gusts of wind and massive waves to the UK, Ireland and other parts of Northern Europe over the weekend. Jet stream is a fast-moving “air river” high in the atmosphere, at the altitude at which commercial airliners fly. This stream is responsible for moving weather systems around the planet. ”

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The plane landed at Heathrow Airport at 4:43 in the morning, almost 1,5 hours ahead of schedule. Its top speed during flight was 825 mph (1327 km / h), according to Flightradar24, an online flight tracking service.

According to the platform, the average flight time between London and New York is 6 hours 13 minutes.

Representatives of Flightradar24 announced a record flight on their Twitter account, writing: “If we are not mistaken, BA will accept the Norwegian fastest subsonic flight New York-London.”


The service added that British Airways reached one minute faster than Virgin Airbus A350, which landed at Heathrow a few moments later, as well as another Virgin, which landed an hour later - it took 3 minutes longer to fly.

All three flights significantly broke the previous record - 5 hours 13 minutes, set by Norwegian in January 2018.

Despite the fact that the British Airways plane seemed to be traveling faster than the speed of sound - 767 mph - it would not break the sound barrier because it was surrounded by air. Even at speeds above 800 mph, the Boeing 747 was moving much slower than the speed of sound relative to the air around it.

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A BA spokesman said: “We always give preference to safety rather than speed records, but our highly qualified pilots made the most of the conditions to deliver customers to London in advance.”

Over the weekend, Hurricane Chiara went on land in the UK. Two of Europe’s busiest airports — one in Frankfurt, Germany and the other in Amsterdam, the Netherlands — canceled over 100 flights each due to the elements.

A company spokeswoman told CNN that BA, like all other airlines flying to and from the UK, was hit by Chiara, canceled some of its flights, and combined others.

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