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California city protests against coronavirus infection there

The federal court in the state of California is considering a lawsuit from the city of Costa Mesa. Thus, they are trying to block the transportation of patients with coronavirus into the city. This is stated in the video "Voice of America".

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The person who is standing with the banner in front of the court says that the building they want to put patients in does not meet any standards.

“Mental disorders were once treated in this building, no other diseases were treated here. Several years ago, this room was declared unsuitable even for housing the homeless, so I don't think this is a place for infected people, ”says Costa Mesa resident Chris Lipsi.

The police are not letting anyone inside the Fairview Development Center; this building is owned by the government. Since 1959, it functioned as a psycho-neurological dispensary. However, since 2015 is in the process of closing.

The homes of one of the residential areas of the Costa Mesa are located a few tens of meters from the center of Fairview. Local residents do not understand how they can bring infected people to their densely populated area.

“I think this is a terrible decision. Other options can be found, ”says Costa Mesa resident Grace Mayer.

“There are a lot of people here, many families, children. There is a school nearby, the authorities must find the best option, ”says a resident of Milan, Gerli.

“My mother worked in that center, people with mental disorders lived there, and I’m not sure if this place is equipped to fight the coronavirus,” says Adam Knyapek.

In total, more than 100 people live in the city of Costa Mesa, which is located in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

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Costa Mayor Mayor Katrina Foley said that the court was postponed for another week, at the beginning of March, therefore, until the transportation of coronavirus-infected people to the city will take place.

“Why are we treated differently, why Costa Mesa has no protection, the law provided for in such emergencies. I assure you that we will continue to block this terrible decision - when they want to settle the infected with the coronavirus among the second most populous city in California, ”- said Foley.

The mayor said that this decision may be political, because in other states there are better adapted medical facilities.

Residents of the Costa Mass, who were at the court hearing, assured that they would protest.

“They will not do this, 3 million people live in our region, we will defend our rights and we will fight,” says Jennifer Sterling.

Now the Americans infected with the coronavirus, who were previously evacuated from the city of Wuhan and the cruise ship, are in quarantine at the Travis military base in northern California.

The US federal government states that patients should be immediately separated from healthy patients and placed separately under special medical supervision. If it weren’t for the court, they would already have to be in the center of the Fairview in the Costa Mass.

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