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Powerful tornadoes hit Tennessee: there are dead

A powerful storm caused at least two tornadoes that hit the center of Tennessee early on the morning of Tuesday, March 3. A tornado caused significant damage in Nashville and killed several people. Writes about this Fox News.

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“Pray for the people of Nashville, Tennessee,” said senior meteorologist Janice Dean. “It was a night tornado, people were asleep, and now they have to clean up all the destruction and realize that people have died.”

The Tennessee Department of Emergency Situations confirmed that at least 19 people died as a result of a tornado.

Nashville police and firefighters received notice of the destruction of 40 buildings. The power lines are damaged, the streets are dotted with debris of building structures and huge broken trees.

“The tornado swept through the county,” Nashville Mayor John Cooper said during a visit to an emergency shelter. "People went to hospitals."

Forecasters believe that an EF-3 tornado struck Nashville, which passed through the "densely populated area." The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Storm Prediction Center estimates that tornadoes are considered “severe” damage, with gusts of wind reaching 136 to 165 mph (218 to 265 km / h).

A video posted on the Internet by Sam Chamburger, Nashville National Meteorological Service’s lead forecaster, clearly shows a certain tornado moving quickly across eastern Nashville. Lightning flashed repeatedly while most of the city was in the dark. And even when the tornado disappeared from sight, the sound of the wind was heard.

“It sounded like someone was just throwing bricks at the windows,” said a man named Mark, who lives in one of the hardest hit areas.

Some schools have already been closed due to weather forecasts, now it will take another week to carry out repairs.

In Wilson County, east of Nashville, schools will also close by the end of the week, except where polling stations will be located.

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Jeff Roberts of the Electoral Commission said information about damage to polling stations is being analyzed. The statement said that any voter in the Davidson constituency whose designated area was affected by a tornado can vote in the election office. Sites will open at different times, starting from 07:00 GMT, depending on the county.

Emergency teams are still assessing the damage, and a new warning about two tornadoes has appeared in Putnam County, east of Nashville.

Basement East, a cafe-bar in Nashville, reportedly “suffered significant damage,” but all employees are fine.

The American Red Cross in Tennessee said on its Twitter account that a shelter for affected residents was open in the city center at the Nashville Farmers Market.

In Mount Juliet, police called on residents to stay in their homes.

“This has had a significant impact on our community,” the city's police department said. - We continue to search for victims. Stay home if you can. "

The police shared a map illustrating the path that the tornado followed.

According to reports, several people were injured, police continue to search for missing residents. Houses are also badly damaged, especially in the Secretariat Drive area.

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A gas leak led to the evacuation of the IMT building in Germantown. The photographs show how dozens of people took to the streets, carrying their things soon after a devastating tornado.

John C. Thune Airport "suffered significant damage due to severe weather," spokeswoman Kim Jerlock said. Several hangars were destroyed, power lines were cut off, but fortunately there were no casualties.

Jerlock asked people to avoid visiting the airport until further notice. The airport authority has activated its Emergency Center to coordinate the response.

The city’s power company, Nashville Electric, reported on Twitter about the damage to four of its substations. According to representatives of the enterprise, interruptions in the supply of electricity from 04:00 affected more than 44 consumers.

The US National Weather Service (NSW) has declared the storm "a serious threat."

It is predicted that the storm will bring tornadoes, destructive winds and great hail. Over the next few days, heavy rains are expected to hit the states along the Gulf of Mexico.

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