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'Many need help': a couple from Florida paid rent for dozens of local residents

52 residents of Key West, Florida, living in houseboats and most affected by the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, will not pay rent in May due to the generosity of the couple, who lived in the area a little less than a year, writes Fox News.

Houseboats in Key West. Photo: Shutterstock

Scott and Sonia Miller, who moved to the area from Alabama, paid more than $ 18 to help all people living in houseboats in the same area.

“We're lucky to have the resources to do this,” said Scott Miller. "More importantly, we did it to - hopefully - inspire others to do this."

Residents who were helped to pay rent on houseboats, according to the Miami Herald, were "on the hook" of the crisis. Property prices in Key West have risen in recent years and a houseboat is considered a relatively affordable alternative.

Back in March, the Millers approached Mayor Teri Johnston for a way to help those who live in houseboats - by offering to pay off someone's rent arrears. Rentals in the area of ​​the mooring houseboats are $ 20,32 per day or $ 357,58 per month.

“I have a job, I have a lot of work,” said Scott Miller, a civil engineer.

“But this whole city is actually closed. Many people need help. Why not share? This is one of the reasons why we moved here, ”he added.

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Miller’s wife said the couple had been relaxing in Key West for the past 15 years, but they are relatively new to staying on the island.

Scott Miller told the newspaper that he hardly knows any of the residents from houseboats.

"Not a soul," he added.

“It helps my family more than you can imagine,” said local resident Brandy Carpenter. "We live with three children in a houseboat, and I was worried if I could pay the rent."

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