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'This is terrible': Trump has adjusted the forecast for mortality from coronavirus in the United States

US President Donald Trump has adjusted the outlook for mortality from COVID-19 in the United States upward, while promising additional economic support in his quest for further resumption of socio-economic activity in the country. Writes about it "Voice of America".

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“We will lose from 75-80 to 100 thousand people. This is terrible, ”Trump said during a telecast on Fox News, during which he answered questions from the audience.

At the end of April, he said that coronavirus could kill 60-70 thousand people.

While the Senate is preparing to resume meetings on Monday, May 4, Trump said the government could double the amount of anti-crisis assistance, which now stands at $ 3 billion. So far, these funds are being used to help small businesses, hospitals, as well as direct payments to taxpayers.

“There will be more help,” Trump said.

Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said his chamber will return to work on the next steps in connection with COVID-19 and other pressing issues.

“Across the country, American workers in key sectors of the economy follow the recommendations of experts and take new precautions while continuing to fulfill their responsibilities and doing the indispensable work that their country needs. Starting Monday, the Senate will do the same, ”McConnell said.

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House leaders have not yet announced plans to resume meetings in Washington, turning to the Capitol doctors for recommendations on how this can be done in a safe manner.

Steny Hoyer, leader of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, said it was necessary to develop detailed procedures for disinfecting surfaces and protecting people from the virus. According to him, measures of social distance "will remain in effect for some time."

McConnell and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a joint statement rejecting the Trump administration’s offer to conduct rapid coronavirus tests for people on Capitol Hill, saying that they will adhere to current testing protocols implemented by the Capitol doctors.

“Our country’s testing capabilities continue to increase across the country, and Congress wants to continue to channel resources to institutions that are at the forefront of the struggle, where they can be most beneficial in the shortest possible time,” said the leaders of the chambers.

The USA occupies the first place both in the number of detected infections (1,1 million) and in the number of deaths (68 thousand).

Health officials have expressed concern that many Americans are not fulfilling social distance requirements, and that states are loosing restrictions on leaving their homes to a steady decline in incidence.

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In early May, even more states will relax. So, in Florida, restaurants and shops can resume work from Monday, May 4, subject to restrictions on the number of people who can be inside at the same time.

By Tuesday, more than 30 of the 50 states will “open” in one form or another.

This was a priority for Trump, as economic activity slowed down significantly and millions of people lost their jobs.

“What I want first of all is to get rid of the virus. We need to do this, ”Trump said during a television program on Sunday. “We work with governors, we are getting rid of the virus, but we need to get the country back to work.”

Not a single state has complied with the White House’s original directive stating that the resumption of business and the appearance of people in public should be preceded by a continuous two-week decline in the number of cases.

The Trump administration predicts about 3000 daily deaths by early June, writes New York Times.

As President Trump insists that states weaken quarantine, his administration privately predicts a steady increase in the number of cases and deaths from coronavirus over the next few weeks, this mark will reach about 3000 daily deaths on June 1, according to an internal document from New York Times, which is almost twice the current level of about 1750.

Forecasts based on a government simulation charted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency show about 200 new cases each day by the end of the month, compared to about 000 cases at present.

Speaking on Fox News, the White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator, Deborah Birks, said Americans need to continue to wash their hands and try not to go outside.

She also said that although the creation of a vaccine against coronavirus by January is possible, there is no guarantee that developers will be able to meet these deadlines.

Trump was more optimistic, admitting on Sunday, May 3, that the vaccine could appear before the end of the year.

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