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American customs officers found a jar with a human brain in a mail truck

An unusual find was discovered by American customs officers when they spot-checked a Canadian postal truck. A jar with a human brain was found in the car, reports Air force.

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The bank was discovered when the truck was on the Blue Water Bridge connecting Michigan and the Canadian province of Sarnia, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said.

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The can was inside the cargo with the inscription "ancient educational sample."

The mail was made from Toronto, and it went to the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“Having opened the parcel, CBP employees found a package containing a sample of a human brain, which was in a transparent glass jar without any documents confirming its legal import into the USA,” the ministry said in a statement.

Photos of an unusual find published on official Twitter agency.

According to CBP spokesman Michael Fox, in the US there are strict rules for issuing permits to import goods "like this."

This is not the first strange find discovered by the US border guards.

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In 2014, border inspectors at Los Angeles International Airport seized 67 living giant African snails on their way from Nigeria to California.

These massive mollusks banned in the United States were subsequently burned because they can carry harmful parasites.

In 2006, 8 tons of prehistoric fossils were seized, namely dinosaur eggs that were smuggled from Argentina.

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