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Impossible to get used to: 10 cons of living in the US, according to immigrants

Anatoly has been living in the USA for many years, but there are such things that he simply cannot get used to. These include food, and women, and the mentality of the Americans themselves. He says that he does not claim to be one hundred percent truth, but that he is trying to share his personal impressions. Big Picture.

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1. People = robots

Most Americans are like robots. They live according to the instructions, they lack almost any flexibility in business. In the post-Soviet space, people are still much more flexible, you can negotiate with them and solve almost any issues. In the States, this certainly will not work, and often it comes to the point of absurdity.

In America, the roads almost never change lanes and go on their lane to the victorious one, even if their lane is on and their neighbors go. Yes, for the prosperity of the state and compliance with the law, such behavior is simply ideal. No attempt to agree with you will definitely fail, and you can be sure of your own safety if you do everything according to the law. But at the everyday, human level, when they don’t want to hear you and repeat the same phrases as according to the instructions - it infuriates you very much, and you get the feeling that there are some robots around you. Because of this, our people feel a soul, but the Americans, at first glance, do not.

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2. Prices in stores without taxes

The so-called sales tax varies from state to state and even from city to city. For example, in Los Angeles, California, and in New York, New York, this tax reaches nearly 10 percent. But in the capital of America, Washington, he is a little more than 5 percent.

What does this mean? In stores, cafes, restaurants and even car dealerships, all prices are shown without this tax. If the price tag indicates $ 10, then at the checkout you pay 11, because $ 1 is not for the store, but for the state, and so on everywhere. Have you bought $ 150 worth of food for a week? Pay another 15 bucks on top. An iPhone in the most expensive configuration worth $ 969 in fact you will be released at almost 1100.

3. Excessive independence from the opinions of others

Here it comes to the point of absurdity, like so much more. Most of the people on the streets are very groomed, walking literally in rags. Often you can meet young people in sneakers or sneakers with holes, from which fingers will stick out. This also includes the abundance of people with very large excess weight. Due to the fact that this is not condemned by society, they quietly walk in tight clothes to emphasize that they do not care so much about their appearance and that they are not going to do anything with it. Excess weight is, of course, everyone’s private affair, but this can greatly spoil the impression of a country or city.

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4. Girls

When you live in America, you understand why Russian girls are so popular here. In the States, our girls immediately stand out, because the majority of Americans do not follow themselves at all. Many begin to engage in themselves, dress normally and do makeup only after 30 years, because in the modern minds of Americans, the age of up to 30 years is, in fact, the second childhood. Most Americans under 30 do not do serious things, but have fun and enjoy themselves. And you immediately understand why Hollywood actresses are becoming so popular - they are very distinguished by their appearance from the general mass.

5. The hypocrisy of Americans

Surely you have already heard more than once that Americans are very responsive, always smiling, asking how you are doing, and trying to help. This is true, but only in part.

In fact, nothing is behind these smiles and questions. This is just ordinary politeness. In my experience, the person who says that you are his brother, who will always be in touch, forgets the next day about you, can say bad things about you behind your back and not understand at all what this is about.

Friendship in America is not at all the same as ours. Here, more and more familiar at work, college, school, and not real friends in our understanding. Of course, everywhere there are exceptions, but I'm talking about my general impressions.

6. The eternal discontent of different segments of the population

I saw how our people live in Russian regions. And after that, of course, one is amazed when you hear in America discontent from certain people. Here, constantly in the media or on the street, during numerous rallies, one can hear the protests of women, gays, blacks, scientists and in general any representative of the population about how they are oppressed, how they are not allowed to develop, how they are not heard, and so on. Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity. Often the state realistically and seriously expresses concern about a particular problem and begins to do something about it.

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My opinion is - snickering. If local women, gays and blacks knew how people live in other countries, they would certainly not ache. A person quickly gets used to the good and demands more and more. Therefore, gay marriage is legalized here, white people are forbidden to talk badly about blacks (but not vice versa!), And every fire brigade must have at least one woman.

7. American food

In the USA, there is no any own kitchen. Burgers, french fries and steaks - that's all. All other food is the cuisines of the peoples who live here. The local restaurants have huge portions and all the food is somehow too voluminous and tasty. As if they added a lot of flavor enhancers.

But the main problem in the stores. You can’t even imagine how huge the convenience foods are in the US. The shops have entire departments where you can even find plates with breakfast, lunch or dinner, which you just need to put in the microwave and reheat. This food is very fatty, harmful, it is not clear what it is made of, but it is advertised everywhere, and there are actually hundreds of species.

And in America, an incredible amount of different foods and drinks with an incredible amount of salt and sugar: chips, chocolate bars, soda. And all this, hundreds of species, much more than in Russia. If you are going to move here and raise a child, be prepared for the fact that you will need to work out the issue of nutrition with him, explain: what his peers eat can lead to serious illnesses.

8. Homeless people everywhere

This is a real problem, and it is very striking, especially compared to Russia. There are a lot of homeless people. Moreover, most of them live on the street not from a bad life, but just like that, because they are against the system. They behave very impudently - come up to you, ask for money. If you answer that you do not have them, he says: they say, take from your friend and give me. If you go with packages from the store, they will come up and ask for something from the package. In Moscow, for such behavior, the homeless would have already received a slap in the face.

9. Huge tips

The restaurant does not include gratuities in the bill, but be sure to inform you of three recommended tip sizes: 15, 20 and 25 percent. If you leave less, no one will say anything to you, but the waiter will definitely not like it. But if you don’t leave for tea at all, then the waiter can catch up with you and try to find out what exactly you did not like. So be prepared for a $ 100 bill to add $ 25 so as not to offend the waiter.

10. Prices for medicine and housing

It is known that in America, medicine is very expensive and it is very difficult to live here without insurance. But even if you have insurance and you are going to have serious medical intervention, then you still have to pay 10% of the bill yourself. And without insurance, get ready for serious expenses ... A regular ambulance call will cost you $ 1500, an ordinary therapist will cost $ 200-300, an ultrasound $ 500.

The same goes for housing. You can not find anything without an agent and a decent commission. The adequate cost of the most ordinary one-room apartment is $ 2000.

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