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Unclaimed money: how much can Americans get in different states of the USA

If you regularly look for a trifle in sofas, there is a better way to get money. Every tenth American has unclaimed property, which he does not even suspect. In the United States, governments and treasuries own billions of unclaimed dollars, and you can lose your share. Writes about it Go Banking Rates.

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There are many different examples of unclaimed property, including cashless checks, stocks, refunds, and security deposits. After a certain period of time, this money becomes “unclaimed” due to a lack of activity, which usually entails a lack of contact with the owner for a year or more.

By law, unclaimed money must be transferred to the state government. According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, more than 3 billion dollars are returned to states each year.

“Although most sums are small, if a significant amount of money is returned, it is better to consider money as an opportunity to invest,” said Alex Gaines, a spokesman for Simple Thrifty Living.

Simple Thrifty Living data was analyzed to estimate the average share of each person in the total amount of unclaimed money in their state. More densely populated states have a large amount of unclaimed money, which is not surprising. However, residents of small states such as Delaware and Arkansas may be pleased with their more generous share allocated to each person.

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“Some states are much more pedantic about notifying residents of unclaimed money, which may be the reason why some states have less than others,” Gaines said.


Total unclaimed money: $ 1 billion

Average unclaimed money per person: $ 46,92

New Jersey

Total unclaimed money: $ 1 billion

Average unclaimed money per person: $ 110,71


Total unclaimed money: $ 8 billion

Average unclaimed money per person: $ 201,12


Total unclaimed money: $ 2,9 billion

Average unclaimed money per person: $ 227,12

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South Dakota

Total unclaimed money: $ 280 million

Average unclaimed money per person: $ 318,98


Total unclaimed money: $ 2,4 million

Average unclaimed money per person: $ 348,03


Total unclaimed money: $ 280 million

Average unclaimed money per person: $ 379,37


Total unclaimed money: $ 514,1 million

Average unclaimed money per person: $ 529,36.

New York

Total unclaimed money: $ 14 billion

Average unclaimed money per person: $ 704,85

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