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An 'invisible' house in the middle of the California desert: how and why this unique structure was disguised

Designer Thomas Osinsk and Los Angeles-based film producer Chris Hanley have created a mirror house in the desert near Joshua Tree National Park. Writes about it dezeen.

The invisible house is in a remote location. The property is available for rental purposes for filming, photo shoots and all kinds of events.

Hanley, the Los Angeles-based film producer who created American Psychopath, worked with architect Thomas Osinsky to design a long, slender steel-framed house clad in mirrored glass commonly used for skyscrapers. It rises above the ground on cylindrical concrete columns.

Inside, mirrored glass walls offer expansive views of the 90-acre (36 ha) private neighborhood, while the ceiling remains a metal structure.

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The 5500 square foot (511 square meters) home is designed as one long continuous building. Inside the house is a 100 feet (30 meters) indoor pool.

The living and dining areas are located on the concrete floor by the pool. The pool ends with a white wall for movie watching and a kitchen at the other end for catering events.

The rest of the areas, including the four bedrooms and bathrooms, are separated not by doors, but by white partitions. Furniture enhances the aesthetics of the home, including a glass bed frame and an open glass shower stall.

Hanley is a Los Angeles-based producer who has directed films such as American Psycho, Virgin Suicide and Spring Break. He has a new plan to build another home from shipping containers in Joshua Tree National Park.

Before building the Invisible House, the designers undertook a biological survey to map all native plant and animal species.

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Subsequently, the 2000-to-XNUMX home, making it the smallest home of any estate in Joshua Tree, was built to comply with all federal, state and strict local environmental laws and regulations.

"Birds will not be harmed by the glass cladding," Hanley said.

“While the glass was being installed, some species of birds flew into the house and had difficulty finding a way out,” he recalled. - Since the completion of the construction, no harm has been caused to the birds. They love to live close to home. "

The designers sought to reduce the home's environmental impact by using low emissivity glass for the walls and installing photovoltaic cells and a water heating system on the roof.

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