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Incredible observation deck from which you can see 7 states at the same time

Just minutes from Chattanooga, Tennessee, lies an incredible mountain renowned for its natural beauty. While the views of the Chattanooga Valley are reason enough to visit the site, Lookout Mountain offers something more. Having visited this area, you can ride the Rock City attraction and see seven US states at once. Edition Only in Your State spoke in more detail about this incredible observation deck.

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Lookout Mountain includes three exciting attractions for nature lovers.

Although the main attraction is the mountain itself, there are other attractions as well. If you have time all day long, you will want to visit Ruby Falls as well as take a ride on the Incline Railway.

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The view from the side of the mountain is incredibly breathtaking. The area is popular with rock climbing and water sports enthusiasts.

Lookout Mountain is actually a mountain range or narrow plateau that extends 85 miles (137,6 km) southwest of the Tennessee River.

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Seeing seven US states at once is an unforgettable sight. A bird's eye view of Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.

At this point, seven flags of the states spread out below proudly flutter. Visitors are provided with historical tours throughout the park, so they usually spend several hours here.

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

Serious battles took place here.

Lookout Mountain is the site of the last battle of the Cherokee in the 1700s. Not far from it, on November 24, 1863, an epochal battle took place during the Civil War - then the forces of the Union defeated the forces of the Confederation.

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Lookout Mountain is open daily from 08:30 all year round except Christmas Day. Closing times vary by season and day, so it's worth checking the timetable before heading there.

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