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Incredible food that can be tasted in every state.

Every region of the United States has a lot of strange dishes that you can try there if you want. Some portions are so huge that sometimes it seems physically impossible to eat it. Edition Only in Your State collected a list of incredible dishes that offer restaurants in different US states.

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Alabama: Helfi's Monster Burger (Clementon)

Three pounds (1,4 kg) of beef in buns with bacon, cheese and vegetables.

Alaska: Humpy's Kodiak Arrest

For $ 160, you get 5,5 pounds (2,5 kg) of food, which includes crab pie, crab meat, venison, and ice cream for dessert.

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Arizona: Chompie's Slider Challenge (various restaurants)
Arkansas: Pig-'N- Chik's Sarge Burger (Sherwood)

This 4 pound burger (1,8 kg), plus a pound (450 g) bun and half a pound (220 g) fries, is a great snack.

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California: Big Mama's and Papa's Pizza Challenge (Burbank)

This colossal pizza, fifty-four by fifty-four inches (137 by 137 cm), takes about 50 pounds (23 kg) of dough to make.

Colorado: Pho-King Challenge at Pho 95 (Denver)

This giant bowl of soup is made up of 200 ounces of broth (5,6 L), 2 pounds (900 grams) of noodles, and 2 pounds (900) of meat. If you eat this dish in one sitting, then you will not have to pay for food, you will be awarded a branded T-shirt, and your photo will hang on the restaurant's honor board. Pho 95.

Connecticut: Spike's Junkyard Dogs (various restaurants)

The number of hot dogs in this dish will differ depending on the restaurant you choose, but the overall goal is to eat more hot dogs than the previous champion eating them at that establishment.

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Florida: Mongo Burrito Challenge (Sarasota)

Eight lb (3.6 kg) burritos. If you master this huge dish in an hour, complemented by guacamole and sour cream, you will become the hero of the establishment.

Illinois: The Fifty $ 50 Ultimate Eating Challenge in The Fifty / 50 (Chicago)

All you have to do is eat 30 buffalo wings, 5 pieces of bacon, 5 onion rings, mac & cheese, smoked ribs, Triple Secret Burger, turkey hamburger, pork hamburger, bacon and cheddar cookies, grilled cheese, a slice of crab pie, some more snack and wash it down with 50 ounces (almost 2 liters) of draft beer. If you survive, you will receive a free lunch, a T-shirt, and a photo on the restaurant's Wall of Fame.

New York: The 2 Ton Challenge, 2 Ton Tony's (Rochester)

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You only have 45 minutes and just one helper to eat a 10-pound (4,5 kg) pizza. The winner will receive a T-shirt and a pizza gift certificate.

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