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Networking is everything to us: how to make useful contacts online and offline

Networking looks different this year than ever before in the history of the business world. We can enter into new business relationships with the click of a button. We have the opportunity to build your reputation on the Internet without much effort. How to do this, says Entrepreneur.

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Networking is a social and professional activity aimed at solving complex problems as quickly and efficiently as possible with the help of a circle of friends and acquaintances who work or have connections in a particular field.

We must understand how to build powerful connections and how to present ourselves in the digital world.

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While platforms vary, communication and collaboration are critical to growing a business. While new tools and technologies are being thrust upon us left and right, the most powerful thing we have is building meaningful relationships.

Building relationships on social networks

The last decade has been spent in a collective attempt to brainwash people. We are led to believe that social media is the way to succeed in business. Social media is the easiest option for most of our competitors. Social media provides democratized access to potential audiences. The problem is that these platforms' algorithms make it difficult for average businesses to even get the avatar they want unless they invest money.

Think about the last time you spent money right after looking at a social media post. What factors prompted you to make the purchase?

In most cases, this was due to one of the following factors:

  • You were directed to a product or service.
  • You personally knew the service or product provider.
  • You made an impulsive purchase.
  • You follow and respect an influencer marketer.
  • You were impressed by paid advertising and reviews.

While social media is essential, it cannot be your only connection to potential networking opportunities.

Social media is a powerful tool for building your brand's overall reputation. However, you do not own the content you post on sites like Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), LinkedIn or TikTok.

If social media is the cornerstone of your business's growth strategy, you need to focus on engagement. Without genuine communication and interaction, social media is an exercise in futility.

Positive networking

Do you know how to sum up your brand, product or service in two sentences? Will the sharks from Shark Tank invest millions of dollars in your idea?

Before you enter any networking event, be sure that you can answer the question “What do you do?” This question is the main one in any network situation. If you can't answer this question, ask yourself:

  • What product or service do you offer?
  • How are you different from others?
  • What problem are you solving?

Networking is sharing your stories and ideas and actively listening. There's nothing more off-putting than someone who walks into a room, introduces their brand, and immediately moves on to the next person. The opposite approach, which benefits the networking event, can create more business opportunities. When we expect immediate results from networking, our expectations will not be met.

In 2024, networking will be essential to any networking strategy. You must present yourself confidently. Optics is everything. Your body language is everything. Crossed arms indicate that you are closed to ideas. Eyes looking to the left and down suggest that you are not telling the truth.

Good platform for online communication - MeetUp. It has been around for a long time, and many businesses have been built on the basis of sequential interactive meetings.

Chirs Krimitsos, founder of Podfest, a conference for podcasters, started his business at a local Denny's in Florida. He regularly met with podcast enthusiasts, and now his business and conference are two of the largest in the country. The only disadvantage of MeetUp is that the platform does all the marketing for the person. When you schedule a meeting, the MeetUp platform's algorithms promote your events and direct participants in your direction.

Live communication

The power of live networking events is powerful. Post-pandemic, a significant portion of business people are craving more personal interaction.
For example, the VeeCon is an annual conference organized by Gary Vaynerchuk. It is attended by entrepreneurs and creative people who crave communication. You could leave this conference with a dozen influential connections that will then turn into collaborations and partnerships.

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Allocate a budget to attend a live conference in 2024. Or better yet, start your own live event. You can arrange it wherever you are. The library is a great place to start your own networking. Create your own live meeting in a local space. The options are endless and the rewards for your efforts can bring in millions.

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