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San Francisco residents unvaccinated from COVID-19 will not be allowed in restaurants and gyms

San Francisco, California became the second major US city to require proof of complete COVID-19 vaccination for certain indoor activities. Writes about it CNN.

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City residents ages 12 and older will now have to show proof that they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter restaurants, bars, gyms and theaters, as well as large venues for events with at least 1000 people, according to an announcement from the Mayor of London Breed.

The new mandate is due to take effect on 20 August.

“We know that in order for our city to recover from the pandemic and thrive, we need to use the best method of fighting COVID-19, namely vaccines,” Breed said in a statement. "Many San Francisco businesses already require proof of vaccination for their customers because they care about the health of their employees, their customers and this city."

Last month, hundreds of bar owners in the city said they would require visitors to provide proof of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test to enter. San Francisco was also one of many cities in the Bay Area requiring masks to be worn in public - regardless of vaccination status.

The business owners supported this decision.

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“We hope these provisions will help all public spaces return to what we all love - being a community space serving all San Francisco residents,” said Casey Lowdermilk, co-founder of the San Francisco Venue Coalition, an organization dedicated to safe work business during a pandemic.

About 78% of San Francisco residents are vaccinated. Regardless, the city's current COVID-19 test positive rate is 5,6%, higher than the peak of the winter spike of 5,2%.

“In this phase of the pandemic, we need to optimize our practices to protect us as we are fully reactivating,” said Dr. Grant Colfax, San Francisco's director of public health. "These past few weeks have demonstrated how important it is for everyone to be vaccinated as we resume normal activities."

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The San Francisco Healthcare Ordinance also strengthens the mandate to mandate vaccinations for healthcare professionals by extending the directive to pharmacists, dental offices, home care assistants, and nursing centers.

Also similar rules apply in New York... Indoor entertainment venues, gyms and restaurants will soon be closed to unvaccinated New Yorkers. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said that his order will begin to gradually apply from Tuesday, August 17, and it will fully take effect on Monday, September 13. Beginning September 13, there will be a $ 1000 fine for non-compliance with vaccination requirements. For repeated offenses, fines will increase.

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