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In an incomprehensible way he combined everything: the Russian actor and musician Pyotr Mamonov died

Russian actor and musician Pyotr Mamonov died in Moscow. He was 70 years old. The edition told in more detail RIA News".

Screenshot: YouTube / Russia 1

The cause of death was complications after COVID-19. Mamonov fell ill about two weeks ago. On July XNUMX, it became known that he was in intensive care and connected to a ventilator.

Earlier, his wife Olga reported that the actor could not be brought out of an artificial coma.

Petr Mamonov was born on April 14, 1951 in Moscow. In the mid-1960s he gathered his first musical group "Express", with which he performed at school parties. From a young age he wrote poetry and put on performances.

In 1979 he graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic College, and in 1979-1982 he studied at the editorial department of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute.

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As a teenager, he dressed like a dude, but this fashion was not enough for the manifestation of innate expression, so Peter often resorted to non-standard means: for example, he walked down the street with a toilet handle instead of an earring. Hyperactivity and the desire for shocking forced him to perform unusual acts. For example, while walking in the park, he sometimes ran away and pretended to hit the wall at full speed, and then lay and watched people gather around him. To avoid the army, he pretended to be crazy: he was examined in a psychiatric hospital and was found unfit for service. There, in the hospital, he became friends with the future rock journalist Artyom Troitsky, who would later play an important role in his career, according to "Wikipedia".

In the early 1980s, the musician gathered the underground group "Sounds of Mu". The collective went on tours in Europe and the USA, on his account more than a dozen studio albums. Since 1991, Mamonov has performed solo.

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He appeared in films in 1988 as the Doctor in Rashid Nugmanov's cult film "Needle", and the role of saxophonist Lehi in the film "Taxi Blues" brought him popularity. Among his most famous films are his roles in the films of Pavel Lungin "Tsar" and "The Island". His work in the latter has brought him many awards, including the Russian Nika and Golden Eagle awards.

For almost four decades of his creative life, Pyotr Nikolaevich Mamonov left the brightest mark. In an incomprehensible way, he combined the basest and the most sublime. It is impossible to imagine the Russian culture of the late XX - early XXI century without this most talented person, writes with the BBC.

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