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Unwritten rules of etiquette for passengers

It seems to many that it is quite simple to behave politely and affably when traveling in public transport, but this is not always the case.

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There are situations to calculate the correct behavior in which, in order not to annoy other passengers and avoid conflict, it is rather difficult.

Unwritten rules of etiquette in the aircraft collected edition Miami Herald.

1. If you are sitting near the aisle, and your friend is near the window, then long conversations over the shoulder of the passenger sitting between you are unacceptable. You can exchange a couple of meek phrases, but if you intend to chat all the way, ask them to switch places by offering the holder a seat in the middle of a chair near a window or passage to choose from.

2. When flying in economy class, do not fold out the backrest, because airlines have reduced the distance between the seats so much that in any case you hook on your knees, a laptop or a child sitting on the passenger's lap behind you.

If you still need to decompose the seat, because you paid for it and you have the right to a comfortable flight, then you should either ask the passenger at the back if he doesn’t mind or arrange the seat slowly and carefully to give him time and the opportunity to move his knees or to remove things from the table and fold it.

3. Avoid using another passenger's seat - this applies not only to the seat, but also to the floor. Do not stretch your legs so that your boots interfere with the passenger in front. If you plan to sleep, use a pillow so you don't accidentally try to lean on your neighbor's shoulder. If you have a large size, buy 2 seats.

4. One of the most difficult questions: who owns the armrests between the seats. With armrests near the window and the aisle, everything is clear, but 2 others cause questions. These armrests are considered common space, but the passenger sitting in the middle of the chair has a certain prerogative: he must be the first to place his hands, and if he does not put them on the armrests, then, if desired, neighbors can take them.

5. There is no rule regarding taking off shoes during the flight, but the passenger should be aware that if his feet are spreading an unpleasant odor, it is better to stay in the shoes. If there are no problems with unpleasant odors, you can remove your shoes, but remove them from the aisle so that they do not interfere with other passengers. And of course - always wear socks, bare feet on the plane is bad form.

6. Another awkward problem is snoring. If your neighbor's snoring keeps you awake on a night flight, wake him up. In addition, people who know they are snoring should try to stay awake or ask the flight attendant to transfer them to separate rows, if possible. If your neighbor asks himself if he snored, it's best to answer honestly but politely.

7. If you are flying with a small child, you can change the diaper only in the toilet, but not in the chair.

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