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Waste food: why farmers all over the world throw tons of crops

Farmers all over the world admit defeat before the virus, because this year they are forced to utilize whole crops. There is no opportunity to take them out and sell them: markets and many logistics companies do not work, there are problems with the export of products from fields and warehouses, writes Liga.Business.

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Farmers are calculating their huge losses, and vegetable dumps are growing. Because of the closed borders on fields around the world in the 2020 season, there will simply be no one to harvest: seasonal workers will mostly stay at home.

Thousands of tons of fruits and vegetables decayed this spring on farm fields under the hot Florida sun, becoming an unexpected victim of the coronavirus pandemic. Zucchini, yellow pumpkin, and tomatoes weren’t harvested on time and disappeared, because farmers cannot sell their crops to their regular customers - restaurants, amusement parks and schools that closed due to the outbreak of the virus, пишет Voice of America.

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Other states have faced exactly the same problems: Californian leafy farmers, and milk producers in Vermont and Wisconsin, in particular, have been affected by the pandemic.

“It's a disaster,” says Tony DiMar, owner of tomato farms in southern Florida and the Tampa Bay area. - We did not even begin to calculate losses. It will be millions of dollars. Losses are growing every day. "

Screenshot: American farmers complain about the lack of workers for harvesting. VICE News / YouTube

Many producers now donate food to food funds, but the problem is that perishable fruits and vegetables cannot be stored for a long time. Farmers are trying to sell the goods to supermarket chains, but this is not easy. Large chains already have contracts with farmers who grow retail products — many of which are outside the United States.

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On the west coast of the United States, farmers who grow lettuce and other leafy greens are also affected by the pandemic. According to Cory Lunde, a spokesman for Western Growers, many farmers as a result left a green crop in the fields. According to him, the jump in demand for their products among retail buyers, which occurred at the beginning of the outbreak, has now come to naught: people stay at home and go to grocery stores much less often.

Screenshot: Farmers are forced to drain tons of milk that they cannot realize during a pandemic. 10TampaBay / YouTube

According to Feeding America, a nationwide food banking network, about 37 million Americans needed food aid before the pandemic began.

At the same time, $ 9,5 billion was allocated for financial support to farmers affected by coronavirus.

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