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Illegals staged a protest at a detention center in Louisiana: she was brutally crushed

Pepper gas was used to suppress immigrant protests at the Immigration and Customs Control Center (ICE) in Louisiana. Buzz Feed News.

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On weekends, 3-4 August, more than 100 immigrants were sprayed with pepper gas at an illegal detention center in Louisiana to end the riots.

On Saturday, 3 on August, detainees were sprayed with pepper gas at the Immigration and Customs Control Center in Pine Priery, Louisiana, just one day after security guards sprayed pepper gas on more than 30 immigrant prisoners.

The incident was not made public. But, according to the source, the prisoners in Pine Prairie were exposed to pepper gas after they staged a protest in the courtyard of the Center.

After the publication of information about this incident in the press, a spokesman for the Immigration and Customs Control Center, spokesman Brian Cox, confirmed the veracity of the information.

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Cox said that “a group of Center prisoners refused to leave the outdoor recreation area, on Friday, 2 August, in the evening. And after repeated attempts by the staff of the institution to disperse the group and restore the ordered operation of the facility, on Saturday, August 3, a short calculated use of pepper gas was applied in the morning. ”

He also added that no one was hurt in this incident.

But the human rights group Freedom for Immigrants stated that 115 immigrants who went on hunger strike for more than five days in the detention center “were subject to tear gas spray, they were shot with rubber bullets, beaten, placed in solitary confinement cells, and they were forbidden to contact with by their families. ”

The group presented images of bruised people who they said were the result of rubber bullet shots.

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A spokesman for the Immigration and Customs Control Center denied the allegations, saying that "there is no truth in these allegations."

Lieutenant Bill Davis, a spokesman for the Bossiere Parish Sheriff’s office, said that around 30 of the 300 detainees in the Center’s building caused “riots” by throwing food trays on and near the door. According to him, in order to avoid aggravation of the situation, the guards used pepper gas.

“We can’t have a rebellion,” said the lieutenant.

Davis said many of the detainees involved in the incident were from Cuba and were upset by the lack of progress in their immigration cases. He said that the sheriff’s representatives will influence the Center for Immigration and Customs to improve the relationship between prisoners and the Center itself.

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Davis added that as of Monday, 5 August, 12 detainees went on hunger strike.

Lawyers and congressional officials have come under scrutiny by immigration officials, as the Center has expanded the number of detainees in custody to a level not previously observed. Although the Center was funded to host about 42 000 immigrant prisoners, it exceeded this figure and reached a new record: 55 185 prisoners.

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