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Research: the lost sense of smell and taste will never return to a part of ill COVID-19

According to a new study, almost 90% of people who have lost their sense of smell and taste due to coronavirus have completely recovered them, or those infected have improved within a month. But in almost 10% of patients, these external feelings did not return. Writes about it New York Post.

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An Italian study showed that 49% of patients completely regained their sense of smell or taste, while 40% improved. But the rest said that their symptoms either remained the same or worsened.

In some people infected with COVID-19, loss of smell or taste, known as anosmia, has been recognized as the main symptom. And a new study showed that they do not always return after recovery.

An international group of researchers studied the history of 187 Italians - they were infected, but not sick enough for hospitalization. They were asked to evaluate their sense of smell or taste shortly after being diagnosed, and then after a month.

Of the 113 respondents who reported a change in their sense of smell and taste, 55 said they had fully recovered, 46 reported improvement in their symptoms, and 12 said their symptoms did not change or worsened.

Experts published their findings in the JAMA Otolaryngology journal.

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Professor Claire Hopkins, one of the researchers, said her team is conducting more research on people with long-term symptoms.

“The data on other viral diseases and some of the new data that we collect show that the vast majority of people are recovering, but for some, recovery will be slow,” said Hopkins, president of the British Rhinological Society.

“In people who recover faster, the virus most likely affected only the cells that line the nose,” she said. “But for those recovering more slowly, the virus could probably affect the nerves involved in the sense of smell.” Therefore, these nerve cells need more time to regenerate and regenerate. "

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