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Some immigrants can get US citizenship without taking tests: who are these people and how to request the cancellation of exams

United States Immigration Service (USCIS) updated the rules for the naturalization of immigrants with disabilities.

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Naturalization applicants with disabilities that prevent them from taking the English Language and Civics Test for U.S. Citizenship may file the form N-648to request cancellation of tests for them. Individuals with a physical, developmental or mental disability are eligible to submit the form. This form must be completed and certified by a healthcare professional. It existed before, but now the document has been reduced and simplified.

Instructions for filling out the form can be viewed here.

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By amending Form N-648, USCIS removes barriers to naturalization in accordance with President Biden's Executive Order 14012 and EO 13985. These Executive Orders address equal rights in access to naturalization for all immigrants, regardless of their physical and cognitive abilities.

Based on public comments, the changes to Form N-648 reduce the burden on applicants and the agency by eliminating questions and language that no longer have practical value or were redundant.

What changed

Out of shape N-648 removed questions about how each specific disability affects specific functions in the applicant's daily life, including the ability to work or go to school. In addition, the form no longer requires dates of diagnosis and a description of the severity of each disability.

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Also, a medical professional can now ask for an exemption from an applicant's public swearing in as a U.S. citizen, thereby reducing paperwork with medical records. The updated policy also provides guidelines for medical examinations and allows USCIS to accept an applicant's Form N-648 after they have submitted the form. N-400 (“Application for Naturalization”).

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