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Unknown facts about the head of Facebook: visual impairment and revenue of $ 32 million per day

Mark Zuckerberg Photo: Facebook

The creator of Facebook and the “social network” phenomenon itself, Mark Zuckerberg, is known to every modern person. But do you know him well enough? Anastasia Narushevich for publication Hi-tech.mail collected little-known facts about the life of Zuckerberg.

The rich Zuckerberg pushed the students to the prom

Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of school at Harvard shortly after creating Facebook. He studied at the Faculty of Psychology and attended various IT electives, where he studied programming languages ​​from Java to C ++.

The decision to leave Harvard, he explained that he wanted to concentrate on working on the site. But by the year of 2017, becoming one of the richest people in the world, he nevertheless received a doctorate in law and read a solemn speech to students.

Zuckerberg told them the story of the first day at the university. He was in a hurry to attend a lecture that he put the T-shirt inside out. The seams were visible, the tab sticking out. Creator Facebook suggests that due to the scruffy look classmates avoided it. Only Kang-Hing Jin wanted to talk, who is now one of the leading employees Facebook. Concluding his speech, Zuckerberg advised graduates first of all to be kind to everyone. Such is the irony.

The color of Facebook appeared due to Zuckerberg's disease.

Famous blue and white interface Facebook would not have appeared if Zuckerberg had a rare disease. Deuteranopia is a form of color blindness. According to statistics, 1% of people on the planet suffer from this incurable disease.

In this disease, a person has a “color vision defect”, due to which three colors (green, yellow and red) merge into one. In this connection, the perception of red and green color becomes problematic. Therefore, according to Zuckerberg, he sees everything mostly in blue, and the choice of the palette for the site, on which he worked for so many years, was logical.

Bill Gates was nearly "shantil" Mark

In 2012, in one of the interviews, Zuckerberg was asked what he would do if the idea of Facebook failed He replied that he could work as an engineer and always had great respect for Microsoft.

When Mark was just 18 years old, the company tried to buy a program from him. Synapse Media Player. Together with his friend Adam Di Angelo, who later became a co-founder Facebook, Zuckerberg wrote a program based on machine learning. The system independently memorized the user's musical preferences and offered him similar songs to listen to.

They posted the project on the Internet for free download, and in the first months he immediately found an audience. ABOUT Synapse Media Player written in the media. As a result, representatives came out on Mark Microsoft and offered about a million dollars for development. Additionally, the company wanted to “shuffle” Zuckerberg and Di Angelo. They were offered a three-year contract, but the guys dreamed of going to college and refused.

Site Synapse now of course not working but Microsoft (together with Apple ) was among the global companies that were the first to register the official pages in Facebook.

Facebook's first person

In the 2004 year, when the site was just starting its work, Andrew McCollum, one of the co-founders of the social network, drew the first logo Facebook. In addition to the title, he also contained an image of a man, whose identity has long remained a mystery.

David Kirpatrick’s BookFacebook effect, Which came out in 2010, finally revealed a riddle. The man in the picture was the famous actor Al Pacino. In order to “digitize” the image, they put a binary code on top - 1 and 0. The face of the social network, however, the actor was not for long. The picture was soon removed, and even before the proceedings it did not come down. Although the ships Zuckerberg and the company then had enough in full.

Promotions instead of salary

The first full office Facebook was opened in Palo Alto in 2005 year. This American town is called the birthplace of startups. For example, a well-known computer company. HP appeared there in 1939. Two friends - Hewlett and Packard - created it from scratch in their garage. And in 1998, in the same Palo Alto, Larry Page and Sergey Brin “invented” Google.

At first Zuckerberg and his team rented a house for five people, where they not only worked, but also practically lived. Currently, in Palo Alto, there is another office near Menlo Park, and the old shelter has become a kind of museum, it is called Facebook house and give it to other start-up companies for the summer.

It was decided to decorate the walls with works of graffiti artist David Chow. He became famous for the cover of the joint album Jay-Z and Linkin Park «Collision Course", Published in 2004 year and immediately headed the first line of the rating Billboard. In addition, the disc has become multiplatinum, which is also a sign of success in the music industry.

President Facebook Sean Parker was a longtime fan of Chow. The issue price was 60 thousand dollars. But Parker was not looking for easy ways and always thought globally. He offered chou stock Facebook on xnumx thousands. The artist took half in cash and half in shares. In May 60, when Facebook came out on IPO, shares rushed in price. As a result, Chow received about 200 million dollars from this transaction. Probably the only thing he regretted was that he did not agree to take shares for all 60 thousands.

Sly server in the North

In 2013, the company first opened its data center outside the United States. In America, Facebook “Vaults” in Iowa, Oregon, North Carolina and Texas. So-called Node Pole appeared in the city of Luleå in northern Sweden.

It is important that the building stands in the middle of a pine forest and local water bodies. For the construction did not spoil the surrounding nature. Such an unusual choice of location guide Facebook explained energy efficiency. The average winter temperature in Sweden is 20 ° C. This is a great environment for natural cooling. System in Node Pole arranged so that air is “pumped” into the building from the outside and lowers the temperature.

Facebook growing (already 2 billion users) and requires more and more investment. Now the company is building a data center in Ireland. More than 230 million dollars have already been spent on this project.

Russian “harness” on Facebook Hacker Cup

In 2011 year Facebook established his championship for hackers from around the world. In addition to the title and nominal statuette, the winners receive a cash prize of several thousand dollars. And, of course, first of all, for young programmers it is an excellent chance to find work in the largest IT companies in the world, including in the most Facebook. After all, here they are interested in having only the best of the best work for them.

The most interesting thing is that programmers from Russia won most often. As many as 4 times! At the last competition in 2017, Muscovite Peter Mitrichev took the first place for the third time. He bypassed a participant from South Korea and compatriot Mikhail Ipatov.

Now Mitrichev works in the Swiss office Google and also helps in the preparation of tasks for the competition Google code jam. In addition, he ranks first in the influential rating among the professional community of programmers TopCoder.com 3.

Facebook earns 23 thousands (!) Dollars per minute

History Facebook, like any site, has not been without a major system failure. In the 2014, this happened twice: June 19 and August 1. The social network was not available to users around the world, and instead of the tape, when you updated the page, an inscription about temporary problems was displayed.

In addition, problems have arisen with other services (Instagram, Skype, Tinder), for which you need to bind to the account in the social network. Both times it took the developers a little less than an hour to restore the site’s performance.

But this did not stop the general panic. The Los Angeles County Sheriff on Twitter has urged people to stop calling the police because of the fall of the social network.

After Facebook published its second quarter 2014 revenue statistics, US edition The Atlantic spent counting the money that the company lost in the time that the site was not working.

Revenue was at 2,9 billion dollars. This is $ 32 million per day. Or almost half a million per hour. Accordingly, $ 22 453 per minute. The crash continued from 12: 08 to 12: 27. That is, for 19 minutes Facebook lost 427 thousand dollars.

Criminal term for trolling

Until recently, cyberbullying was not a criminal offense. In 2014, everything changed. Michelle Chapman became the first person in the UK to go to prison on 20 for trolling online.

She created some fake Facebook- accounts for their relatives, on behalf of whom she wrote to herself offensive messages of a sexual nature.

She then lodged a complaint with the police, stating that she was attacked by trolls. After that, the police arrested her stepmother and sent a warning to her father. The scam of Chapman, which lasted for almost a year, was revealed when experts checked the IP addresses of each page from which they sent threats. It turned out that all messages were sent from a computer in the house of the British.

Billion fine for spam

A resident of the Canadian city of Quebec, Adam Guerbez liked to send messages of a strange nature in large quantities. In 2008, the court ordered him to pay 873 millions (by the way, he later even got a tattoo with this number on his wrist) dollars for sending out prohibited content.

In one year, Guerbez sent out more than 4 millions (!) Of messages that called for the use of marijuana and other drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. The judge also forbade a Canadian to have another account in Facebook and in any way "present" on social networks.

To date, this amount is considered the largest fine for violations of this nature. In 2014, representatives of the company stated that they had already received more than 2 billions of dollars from court-won claims against spammers.

Almost immediately after the trial, Guerbez declared himself bankrupt, and in 2015 he suddenly appeared in the spotlight of journalists as one of the leading promoters of a company involved in Bitcoin. It is unknown where he got the money, but he is resourceful.

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