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Dissatisfied with Obamacare: stories of people for whom health insurance has risen in price at times



The current system of compulsory health insurance, adopted under President Barack Obama, has greatly increased the cost of insurance plans. At the same time, it includes additional services that are not needed by many Americans.

The problems of the health insurance system were experienced by the Stacy and Eddie Alberts family from New Jersey. Stacy works as a nutritionist. Her husband is a personal trainer. They rarely go to doctors and lead a healthy lifestyle. For a long time, the family used Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, writes CNN.

Even 4 a year ago, the insurance plan cost them $ 360 per month. Next year, 2015, when Obamacare entered into force, insurance premiums increased to $ 650 per month. This was due to the additional services of children's dental insurance, services related to pregnancy and childbirth, which the Alberts do not need. As a result, they had to completely abandon insurance.

Deciding not to risk it, the Alberts family again took advantage of the insurance, which now costs them $ 700 per month. Stacy and Eddie regret that they cannot return to the health insurance system that was before Obamacare.

According to Republicans, Americans have the right to choose exactly which services their insurance plan will cover. It is believed that many who used the old insurance plans did not even know their shortcomings, since they did not need all types of services.

“I don’t need 2 doctor's examinations a year if I don’t want to. It is my choice. I haven't seen a doctor in 5 years, ”says Tom Buxton, 59, from Littleton, Colorado. He is a self-employed business consultant. Buxton used to pay $ 666 a month for an insurance plan for himself and his wife. Now the cost has risen to $ 1200.

For Greg Silvestro, 40-year-old real estate agent and gym owner in Tampa, there is no significant difference between the insurance plan Obamacare and the one he found for himself in 2017, in Florida. And that, and so he practically does not use. In addition, they have the same uninsurable minimum. The only difference is that Obamacare costs him 3 times more than his old plan. “Cost Obamacare much higher, and the practical benefits of insurance plans are the same for me, ”says Silvestro.

US President Donald Trump said that the best political solution possible is not to interfere with the current health insurance system. Obamacare destroy itself. “It is already destroying itself. There are serious problems in almost all states, ”the president said.

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