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'Week in the city of superheroes': how much a vacation in New York will cost

Many people dream of visiting New York, but they think it is too expensive. Author of the blog on the site Pikabu shares his own experience of traveling to the Big Apple to show: almost everyone can afford such a pleasure.

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In this publication, the author shares valuable tips and tricks on how to save money and have a good week in the city of superheroes. Prices are for two.

When is the best time to fly?

Before traveling, the author studied the information and found out that the best time to fly to New York is October. “Not only are tickets for everything pretty cheap, but the weather is normal, neither hot nor cold,” he said.

True, it should be borne in mind that the temperature in New York at this time can differ significantly from that shown by thermometers in your country. “They flew from Latvia when it was about 0 degrees outside, and in New York we were met by 25 degrees of heat and a dry climate, which made the contrast very great,” the author recalls.

At the same time, the weather in the Big Apple is quite changeable. So, already in the next days after arrival, the temperature dropped and there were rains for two days. Therefore, it is better for especially sensitive people to stock up on medicines on a trip.

Plane tickets

Airplane tickets are one of the reasons many don't even risk planning a trip to New York. Many people think that it costs too much. “It was a big surprise for us when, just for the sake of fun, we decided to check the price of two round-trip tickets for air sales ( - Ed.). When buying tickets three months before the flight, we were pleasantly surprised - the total cost of tickets was 680 euros. Without luggage, but with one bag and one suitcase on the plane, which was enough for us. ”

The flight to New York took more than 11 hours. On the way back, there was a transfer at the airport of Vantaa, Helsinki, and the journey time was already 16 hours. “We flew back and forth by Finnair, no problems, everything is fine, even fed well,” the author writes.

Accommodation expenses

If you intend to save on housing in New York, do not consider Manhattan. Even the most modest hostels in the area will cost from $ 100 per night. “Your choice is Queens or Brooklyn. They are located 20-30 minutes from Manhattan by metro, and prices are much lower, ”the author writes.

To search for housing, the author recommends using the Airbnb website. “Who doesn’t know, through Airbnb ordinary people rent out premises to tourists. The cheapest option for us was to rent one room (bedroom) with a single family in Queens. For a full week, we paid about 400 euros, we also received a 10% discount, because we took housing for a week, ”the author explained.

Of course, it is not very comfortable to live in a strange apartment with strangers, but you will only sleep, have breakfast and take a shower there. If this option does not suit you, try to find a one-room apartment - it will cost more, but you will live there alone.

In addition, if you manage to rent a house closer to the metro, this will save on transport and join the life of local residents.

Speaking of flight and accommodation, the author emphasized that these two items of expenditure make up at least half of the budget for a trip to the Big Apple. At most, 70-80%. “It already depends on how many paid places you want to visit. If you are only going to walk these seven days and spend money on food, a budget of 1500 euros will be more than enough for you, ”he said.


There are many places in New York where only cash is accepted, so it’s best to allocate your budget 50 to 50. “Keep 50% in cash and the remaining 50% on the card. It will not be superfluous to take a special card for traveling, we used the Revolut card, ”the author said.


Overseas internet is a must, as it allows you to use your Google map and stay connected. In order to save a lot of money, the author recommends the following: “When you already know exactly which airport you will fly to and where you will live, make a route at home via a Google map and print / save on your phone. Do everything at home so that without the Internet you can get from the airport to the house. Find an operator store near your home, preferably T-mobile. What is it for? You can buy SIM cards at the airport. But a couple of times more expensive. In the operator’s store you can buy such sim cards for 30-40 bucks or cheaper, ”the author noted. “It will provide you with 5 GB of Internet, which will be more than enough for a week of travel.”

Another recommendation is to buy adapters for sockets in your home country, so it will definitely be cheaper.

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