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Don't rush to throw it away: what kind of waste can be profitably sold on the Internet

What may seem like trash to one person may be valuable to another, recalls Money Talks News.

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If you want to make some extra money, check what waste you are going to get rid of - it is possible that some of it can be sold.

1. Used packaging material

Typically, cities have a well-developed market for used packaging materials, mainly driven by people who move or sell goods over the Internet. A quick search on the Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist reveals large batches of bubble wrap, packaged peanuts, and boxes selling for between $ 15 and $ 25.

2. Empty perfume bottles

Out of your favorite perfume? Do not rush to throw away the bottle. Empty bottles are used for floral arrangements at weddings or simply as fragrances. Uniquely colored bottles are even included in jewelry. Buyers prefer vials with striking designs, exclusive brands, and stoppers or caps instead of sprays. Expect a 10-15 bottle pack to sell on Etsy for between $ 15 and $ 20.

3. Cardboard tubes

Yes, there is a demand for everything. Cardboard tubes from paper towels and toilet paper rolls are used in all kinds of crafts. It is better to sell them in bulk. A lot of 100 paper towel tubes were recently sold on Ebay for $ 34,99 (including shipping).

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4. Parts from broken equipment

The fact that a device breaks down does not mean that it is completely useless. There is a high demand for used parts on the Internet. For example, steamer baskets sold for $ 10 on Ebay, and lids for about $ 5. Collect and resell parts and accessories, don't throw away your appliances entirely.

5. Old remote controls, power cords and batteries

As technology advances rapidly, it is difficult to find replacements for TV remote controls, power cords, and laptop batteries. Before you throw away your burned-out TV or outdated laptop, check to see if these accessories can be sold online.

Used TV remotes can range in price from $ 5 to $ 10, and depending on the model, laptop batteries can range from $ 15 to $ 45. Less waste, more money. What could be better?

6. Wine bottle caps

Creative artists have found dozens of ways to reuse stoppers Save up a hundred or so and sell in lots. Buyers prefer natural cork over synthetic. Two hundred caps were recently sold on Ebay for toast-worthy $ 21,99.

7. Empty cartridges

Working from home? You are probably using more ink for your printer than ever before. Instead of throwing away your used cartridges, sell them. Evolve Recycling buys empty cartridges, although the minimum batch is 20 inkjet cartridges or 20 pounds of material (roughly four or five toner cartridges). When your bill reaches $ 25, Evolve will send you a check. What cartridges are accepted, you can find out link.

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8. Waste car batteries

Auto parts stores - for example, AutoZone - offering credits ranging from $ 10 to $ 20 towards the price of a new battery when you give them the old one. Do you have a stack of old lead-acid car batteries in your garage? Auto parts recycling program O'Reilly offers a $ 10 gift card each. Since batteries contain other toxic materials such as lead, cadmium and mercury, recycling them is a responsible and cost-saving business.

9. Paper shopping bags

Fanatical collectors will pay more for used shopping bags from popular stores. On Ebay, four vintage Macy's shopping bags recently sold for $ 19,99, and eight 2014-2019-era Starbucks bags sold for $ 7,49. Packages from exclusive retailers like Gucci and Kate Spade can fetch so much more.

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