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Don't delay: why winners of the green card lottery should hurry up with paperwork

8 May the results of the green card lottery became known for 2022 (DV-2022). The first day after the announcement of the results, the site froze, so many tried to find out if they won the green card within a few days. Immigration lawyer Irina Mazur told the publication "Voice of America" why it is worth rushing with the paperwork.

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Every year the number of participants and winners from post-Soviet countries is growing. Last year 5 Ukrainians won the lottery. Among European countries, Ukraine took second place, and Russia - first.

In addition, there are many immigrants who are already in the United States and, for example, go through the asylum procedure, play the lottery and win.

Almost everyone who wins needs a specialist consultation in order to understand everything exactly.

“When a person expects to receive political asylum, the very process of waiting does not give him legal status, she is simply allowed to stay in the country temporarily,” explains Mazur. “Therefore, it is necessary to clearly consider when the documents were submitted, whether a person has a legal status, how he can go through the consular process, because he cannot return to the country of his citizenship, because he will lose the right to receive political asylum.”

This year, the winners should understand that all migration procedures, in particular, the interview at the consulate and obtaining a visa, will begin no earlier than October 1, when the new fiscal year starts in the United States.

The process for the 2021 winners is still ongoing. Through COVID-19, they had a lot of difficulties, and some are still waiting for an appointment for interviews.

But the lawyer advises the winners of 2022 not to postpone and fill out all the necessary paperwork for the immigration process now. And he draws attention to the fact that the date of the future interview depends on the winning lottery numbers: the smaller they are, the faster the invitation will arrive.

The lawyer explains: from October 1, visas for certain numbers will be opened monthly. For example, from the first number to 5000, in November - from 5 to 10. Therefore, the first numbers will have more chances to pass the interview on time and enter the country.

She also predicts that this year, due to deteriorating relations between the United States and Russia - and Washington has already announced that it is cutting service and issuing visas - the Russian winners will face difficulties.

“The consulate has a very limited staff in Moscow, and they simply do not have time to process the incoming number of applications. Therefore, it is difficult to say how the procedure will proceed for those Russians who won the green card lottery, ”the lawyer warns.

They may have even better chances next year. Indeed, if 2022 permits for permanent residence in the United States were drawn in the lottery for 55, then after the immigration changes proposed by US President Joe Biden, the number of permits should increase to 000.

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