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Russia sent US aid, which it called 'humanitarian', and now demands money for it

Russia has billed the United States almost $ 660 thousand for humanitarian assistance to combat coronavirus. American experts admitted that part of the cargo was of no use. Writes about this with the BBC.

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“The State Department received a final invoice issued by the Russian government worth $ 659,” the US Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said.

The Russians sent humanitarian aid to the United States in the An-124 Ruslan transport plane in early April by agreement of the presidents. It was about medical equipment, including ventilation devices and personal protective equipment.

The Kremlin called this move "humanitarian aid," and President of the United States Donald Trump regarded it as "a very nice gesture from President Putin."

Russian state-run media, in particular Vesti, called the deliveries “humanitarian aid,” without indicating that the United States paid for it. The same phrase was also used by the press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov:

“From the Russian side, amid a difficult epidemiological situation, America was offered assistance in the form of medical equipment and protective equipment. Trump gratefully accepted this humanitarian assistance, ”said Peskov.

Subsequently, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that half of the US aid to the United States will have to pay.

In general, according to FEMA, the Russian Federation supplied the United States with 4 thousand industrial M-95 gas masks that completely cover the face, 15 thousand respirators, 80 thousand antiseptic bags, 400 thousand various items of medical clothing, including protective coveralls.

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In addition, there were 30 thousand gloves in the cargo, not only surgical ones, but also rubber ones, which are usually used in the kitchen.

In a comment, FEMA reporters were not able to clarify whether they managed to use this equipment in hospitals.

“As far as I know, there were problems with lung ventilation devices because they are designed for 220 volts, and they use 110 volts in networks in the USA,” the agency’s representative said.

He also confirmed that the M-95 industrial gas masks sent by the Russian side “comply with the military’s requirements for protection against chemical and biological threats,” but are not used in medical facilities.

Not a Kremlin favor, but a service to the Kremlin

Some representatives of the American public regarded the US humanitarian aid as another Kremlin “propaganda trap”.

On his Twitter, former US Army Commander in Europe General Ben Hodges said the cargo was "not a gift from the Kremlin, but a gift to the Kremlin."

It turned out that at least two Russian structures that took part in the delivery of the goods were on the US sanctions list.

The Russian private equity fund has been on the list of US sectoral sanctions since July 2014 due to events in Ukraine.

Also under sanction is the Radioelectronic Technologies Concern (KRET), one of whose divisions produces Aventa-M mechanical ventilation devices sent to the USA.

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