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'Nothing but a bomb': intelligence and more than 200 Democrats in favor of impeachment of Trump

The Donald Trump administration is preparing to publish a complaint against the US president from a U.S. intelligence official who initiated the impeachment process.

This should happen on Thursday, 26 September, the day after the White House posted a transcript Donald Trump’s conversation with Vladimir Zelensky, about which a complaint was written. Decryption did not force the Democrats to abandon their plans - moreover, support for impeachment in Congress even increased. Some Republicans have also expressed concern about Trump's actions, but so far few.

Trump did not offer Ukraine financial assistance in exchange for an investigation against Biden, but persistently asked for it

On Tuesday, September 24, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Democratic Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced the start of the impeachment procedure, the reason for which was the conversation between Donald Trump and Vladimir Zelensky on 25 July 2019 of the year. After that, the White House decided post chat transcript. Shortly before that, the president of the USA wondered the rhetorical question is whether the Democrats apologize to him. This did not happen: moreover, the number of members of the Democratic Party who publicly supported impeachment continued to increase. By the end of September 25, of the 235 Democrats sitting in the House of Representatives, only 16 did not support the investigation against the president.

The main argument of Trump and his supporters now composed that decryption does not allow us to conclude that the US president offered the Ukrainian leader “quid pro quo” - financial assistance in exchange for family investigation Joe Biden, his likely rival in the 2020 presidential election of the year.

Photo: Office of the Internet-Representative of the President of Ukraine

Supporters of impeachment however believethat the very fact that the US president asked the head of the foreign state to investigate the activities of his political opponent is a serious violation (according to the American constitution, bribery, high treason and “other serious crimes and offenses” may be the reason for impeachment), abuse of authority and abuse of presidential power. They also draw attention to another fact: Trump insisted that his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and US Attorney General William Barr take part in the case. By this, he showed a very high interest in the persecution of Biden.

Moreover, by According to opponents of the American president, he indirectly hinted at the relationship between financial support and the investigation, when he said that the US’s good attitude to Ukraine was not always “mutual”, and this should change.

Photo: White House

Finally, supporters of impeachment demand clarification on which parts of the conversation did not fall into the published text, which made it clear that this was not a verbatim transmission of the conversation.

Congress is awaiting the publication of a complaint about Trump intelligence officer. Those who have already seen her disagree on how serious she is.

New details regarding the investigation against Trump should appear later in the evening of September 26 Moscow time, when, according to According to CNN, an unnamed U.S. intelligence officer complaint about the U.S. president should be published. Shortly after Trump’s conversation with Zelensky, the officer notified his superiors that, from his point of view, the actions of the US president could pose a threat to national security. However, the acting director of US National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, appointed by the president, I refuse submit a complaint to Congress and was supported by the Department of Justice, led by another Trump appointee, William Barr. Nevertheless, Congress received information on the availability of the relevant appeal without specifying specific details, after which this information was sent to the press and initiated a scandal.

Photo: Facebook /The White House

The day before, a small group of congressmen reviewed the complaint. By According to CNN, the identity of the complainant remains unknown - as does his position. The document consists of 10-12 pages and concerns not only the conversation between the presidents of the United States and Ukraine, but it is not known whether it contains complaints about Trump about his other actions.

Congressmen who reviewed papers differently appreciated degree of their significance. In particular, the leader of the democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, said that the above information worries him even more than a transcript of the conversation. Other Democrats spoke in a similar way, one of whom anonymously in a conversation with CBS saidthat a complaint is nothing more than a bomb.

At the same time, Rep. Rod Stewart, a member of the House of Representatives, who also read the complaint, said he did not see any reason for concern. Other Republicans who read the text also gave similar assessments in response to journalists' questions.

On the subject: 'Look at these two people': will Trump and Zelensky get along

Some Republicans are worried about Trump's actions. But while there are not very many

Without the support of a significant number of Republicans, opponents of Trump will not be able to remove him from office, because during the final vote two-thirds of the Senate members must speak for it, and there the majority of the Republican Party: 53 votes with 45 among the Democrats and two from independent politicians (one of them - Bernie Sanders). So far, only a few of the Republican congressmen have expressed concern about Trump's actions. So Utah Senator Mitt Romney saidthat he was "extremely alarmed" by what had happened and, after deciphering the conversation, had not changed his opinion on this matter. Earlier, he said that he would not focus on the offer of “services for services” or its absence in evaluating Trump's words. It is worth noting that Romney is one of the informal leaders of that part of the Republican Party, which has always been critical of the activities of the current president.

Republican Senator Pat Tumi of Pennsylvania called Trump’s conversation with Zelensky “unacceptable.” His fellow party member from Ohio, Rob Portman, said he was not surprised by the transcript of the conversation, and he remains the same - “he [Trump] should not have done this.”

Other Republicans are showing support for the president. In particular, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell call “Ridiculous” are any assumptions that there is something in the conversation between Trump and Zelensky that gives rise to impeachment.

In order for Trump to be removed from power, this decision must be supported by at least 20 Republicans - provided that all Democrats and both independent senators vote for him.

But why now, and not after two years Mueller's investigations about Trump's ties with Russia?

Explanation in column Jeffrey Cabaservice, an American political scientist, gave the Guardian a newspaper, who writes that, unlike the report of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller, "the Ukrainian scandal contains a clear and undisguised example of corruption, as well as threats to American national security and the electoral processes" - bearing in mind that Biden can seriously compete with Trump in the 2020 election of the year.

On the subject: Giuliani, Ukraine, and Joe Biden: US Trump Attorney Investigated

The representative of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi, announced the beginning of the impeachment procedure - she is the speaker of the House of Representatives, this falls within her competence. In the spring of 2019, Pelosi was one of the first, even before the results of the Mueller investigation, appeared that she was opposed to the removal of Trump from office. Two out of three impeachment cases in American history fall on the last 50 years. how notes NPR, the procedure did not enjoy much voter support; Moreover, President Bill Clinton, after an unsuccessful impeachment, became even more popular than before him.

Как пишет CNN, the impeachment "will soon turn into a battle for the political soul of America: it will depend on how voters react, who will occupy the White House in 2020 and where the country will move in the coming years." However, many media doubtthat the Democrats will succeed in removing Trump from power. But with a successful scenario, they will be able to demoralize it in anticipation of the election. True, if it is bad, they will hit their own positions.

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