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Do not be afraid of interviews, be afraid of their absence: how can an immigrant properly present himself during an interview with an employer

How many times since 1996, from the beginning of my work in the USA, I have been interviewed. And she passed, and participated in the preparation for her husband, sons, friends, customers ... - do not count. Over the years, I have developed some tips that I hope will help you. Do not be afraid of the interview, be afraid of their absence.

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1. Do not be afraid of your accent - the most common language in California is ... broken English. You were not invited to become a professor of vocabulary for American pronunciation. Your resume says that you graduated from a polytechnic in another country, and not in San Luis Obispo. Your emphasis is a part of you, your I, and your I should sound proudly.

2. You must look 100

Clothing should be comfortable and consistent with the style of the company that invited you to the interview.

Nothing is more conducive to your nervousness, as they press new shoes and the oblique look of the interviewer on your suit from Nordstrom, when he himself is in a shirt and shorts. Study in advance the photos of employees in the company where you are going for the interview, and dress one level higher. He is in shorts - you are in trousers, he is in a T-shirt - you are in an ironed shirt. Please note: the quality of the suit, shoes, watches, jewelry plays a role.

3. Brevity - the sister of talent

This does not apply to the length of the skirt, but directly to the size and number of decorations. Only strict elegance. And you can put a lucky pendant in your pocket - it will work no worse.

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The smell of a fume, interrupted by coffee beans, or a cigarette smoked to raise your spirits, may cost you a position that you have almost taken. Only the lazy did not read how alcohol and nicotine act on the brain. And your future employer needs people with healthy brains.

The strong smell of perfume will prevent contact. Refrain. Better not smell anything from you.

Take a deodorant with you - sometimes interviews last for hours.

Your main decoration is an open smile. Sincerely express the joy of having an interview with such a company and meeting with these people.

4. We have two ears and one mouth: try to listen more and answer questions clearly and shortly

Do not talk about yourself and your achievements. Want - ask.

Show a keen interest and awareness of the good deeds of the company, and not of the type of "they say that you’ve been put in charge of the chief manager yesterday."

5. Sociable, according to statistics, prefer smart and knowledgeable

And less often they get fired.

Stay calm and friendly even if you are three times PhD.

6. Don't be desperate. It is read

Using the available psychological trainings, tune in to the position “They need me!” I can convey to them how I will be useful to them. "

Do not “ask,” especially if you’ve come to a company where you don’t want to work, but simply for training. Let them offer a job, and then we'll see.

7. You will definitely be asked questions that you fear..

Work them out and bring your condition to the desire that they ask you.

For a novice specialist or a recent person who has arrived in the country, questions about practical experience in the United States often become such a stumbling block. Internship, the real one, helps best - both for resumes and interviews.

8. Comb your image on social networks

The plot "How I get drunk drowned my bike on May 1" may not be pleasant to everyone.

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9. If possible, find friends in the company in which you are going for an interview, and ask for advice, not help.

Helping for many is dumb, but sharing your experience and advising is nice.

If you talk to them correctly, they will put in a good word for you, but only the closest can ask for it directly.

Actually, nobody canceled the blat.

10. Your main and main sources in preparation for the interview: people who know and value you are relatives, friends, teachers, and good realtors who have a lot of acquaintances in various fields.

11. Just believing in victory is not enough. You have to feel it.

Imagine the positive outcome of this particular interview in specific details: how you park the car in the underground garage at this job, the green grass at your new home, which you buy after receiving this job, pleasant fatigue at the end of the day after you decide what was set by the manager task, and the whole department looked at you with respect.

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