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Proved by scientists: named products that cause cancer

US researchers found that more than 80 000 cancer cases per year, or 5% of the total cancer incidence caused by malnutrition, writes News of Israel in Russian.

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Another proof of the harm of malnutrition: American researchers have found that tens of thousands of tumors per year are caused by unhealthy foods. The research results are published in the journal JNCI Cancer Spectrum.
Scientists obtained data on cancer incidence from the Centers for Disease Control and compared them with the results of a nationwide nutrition survey in the 2015 year. As a result, they came to the conclusion that every year adults 80 110 Americans over the age of 20 find out cancer caused by malnutrition.

On the subject: Oncologists have compiled a list of cancer-causing products.

По оценке исследователей, речь идет о 5,2% общей онкологической заболеваемости. Из всех выявленных случаев наиболее часто встречался рак толстого кишечника и прямой кишки – на его долю пришлось 38,8% опухолей.

After analyzing the nutrition of patients, scientists found that cancer risk was higher for those who ate little whole grains and dairy products, but consumed a lot of industrial processed meat products. Men at risk were 45-64 men of African and South American origin.

Sausages and meat products increase the risk of cancer

“Питание – это фактор онкологического риска, поддающийся устранению”, – говорит руководитель исследования д-р Фанг Фанг Жанг, эпидемиолог и диетолог из Бостонского университета. По его мнению, недостаточное потребление молочных продуктов, овощей и фруктов на фоне высокого потребления сахара и продуктов промышленной переработки повышает риск заболевания раком.

This is not the first study to establish a link between malnutrition and health disorders. In February, a paper was published, according to which an increase in consumption of industrial processing products by 10% increases mortality by 14%.

A study published in 2018 in the British medical journal BMJ showed that consumption of products with a high degree of industrial processing increased by 12% overall cancer incidence and by 11% the risk of developing breast cancer.

Previous studies have also established a link between the ingredients of industrial processing products and oncological risks.

On the subject: Can foods cause or prevent cancer: a list of food carcinogens

WHO has already announced that salted, canned, smoked and fermented meat is believed to be carcinogenic. It includes sausages and smoked meat delicacies.

One of the potential carcinogens is recognized titanium dioxide, which is used as white in the manufacture of chewing gum and toothpaste.

Health hazards are also bisphenol A (BPA), used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastics.

In the 2015 year, WHO warned that a significant amount of the potential acrylamide carcinogen that is formed during baking, cooking and frying was found in toasts and chips. It is formed when starch products are heated to temperatures above 120 ° C, that is, products that have undergone prolonged heat treatment at high temperatures contain it in large quantities. This chemical is also formed when cooking on the grill.

Other studies have shown that a diet rich in salt and fats and poor in fiber also increases cancer risks. Charcoal-cooked dishes are also recognized as carcinogenic.

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How to get maximum health benefits from food

1. Fry or bake foods until light golden in color, not brown.
2. When heating semi-finished products, follow the instructions on the package.
3. Do not store potatoes in the refrigerator.
4. Cut potatoes into slices and rinse well before cooking.
5. Use ovens to heat food with hot air.
6. When cooking toasts, cut off the charred places.

Miscellaneous cancer Products Educational program

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