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Named the most affordable place in the US for long-term rental housing: it is also near the sea

Office days are behind us, they are replaced by remote work. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have experienced what working from home is like and, for the most part, found it downright delightful. Some even go one step further by giving up their office and home and becoming digital nomads. Edition Travel and Leisure told where it is better for these nomads of the modern world.

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To support digital nomads around the world, rental company Airbnb has released data on the best destinations in the US and Canada based on affordability, hospitality and popularity.

The Airbnb team looked at the average long-stay price per night for destinations with 2022 or more long-stay nights booked in Q1000 50 to determine which offer the best value. All five top destinations cost less than $XNUMX per night.

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The top most affordable places in the US include Angleton (Texas), Lumberton (Minnesota), Garretson (South Dakota) and Tulalip (Washington).

In Canada, guests can find low-cost long-term accommodation in Quebec City, Thorold (Ontario), Gatineau (Quebec), Medicine Hat (Alberta) and the most affordable accommodation in Trois-Rivières (Quebec).

The #1 place for affordable long-term living in the US was Tulalip, Washington. It is also a place where visitors can learn more about the Snohomish, Snoqualmies, Skykomish, and other indigenous peoples who call the region home.

Tulalip (pronounced "Tuh'-ley-loop") is a 22-acre (000 thousand ha) area known as the Tulalip Indian Reservation. This includes the Skykomish and other allied tribes that signed the Point Elliot Treaty of 8,9,” the visitor page explains.

It further notes that the reservation is "rich in natural resources", including excellent sea waters, tides, and freshwater streams and lakes. There's plenty to do at the Tulalip Resort Casino, Seattle Premium Outlets, Tulalip Amphitheater, and Hybulb Cultural Center.

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Guests can also visit Jetty Island. This is an artificial island that can be reached by ferry. Originally intended to be used as a breakwater, it has now become a favorite local beach. There is also the Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens, as well as the Hibulb Cultural Center and Natural History Sanctuary, whose mission is to "revive, restore, protect, interpret, collect and enhance the history, traditional cultural values ​​and spiritual beliefs of the Tulalip tribes." The center offers social events such as weaving workshops, storytelling hour, earring workshops and more.

Tulalip is a special place worthy of a long stay and definitely a place you must visit. Airbnb has provided a list of the best places worth an extended stay for any digital nomad.

beach house

Situated right on the waterfront, this three-bedroom home is ideal for extended stays with family or friends. The home is conveniently located just minutes from the Tulalip Resort Casino and the Seattle Premium Outlet.

Book - by link.

Home for dog lovers

Do you want to bring a puppy for a long time? Book this adorable dog-friendly place. This is 6 acres (2,4 ha) of seclusion where you can safely walk with your dog.

Book - by link.

Luxurious escape from society

If you want the best amenities of your life, book this four-bedroom property that features a private pool, water views, games room, and hot tub.

Book - by link.

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