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Named the cause of the crash, which killed one of the richest women in Russia

Most likely, the plane went into a flat spin, because of which there was neither time nor the ability to compensate for the error, experts say.

Photo: YouTube / RBC video frame

The most likely cause of the crash of an Epic LT aircraft in Germany, in which Natalia Fileva, co-owner and chairman of the S7 Group, and her father Valery Karachev, died, experts believe the pilot’s mistake. This writes "Kommersant", citing a source quoted Tjournal.

According to the newspaper, the pilot Andrei Dykun during the landing supposedly lowered the speed of the aircraft to a critical value, due to which he fell into a flat spin. At that moment Dykun lost control of the aircraft and the flight turned into “free fall”, writes “ Kommersant. The publication noted that Dykun had worked for Globus Airlines since its inception, April 2008, and served as a senior instructor pilot.

When viewed from the wreckage of the aircraft, it turned out that the engine at the moment of impact on the ground worked at low revs, due to which some propeller blades were not cut off at impact, but remained intact. Experts also suggested that due to the sudden spin, Dykun did not even try to compensate for the alleged error, as he did not have the time or opportunity to do so.

The publication claims that the plane was heading to the small German town of Egelsbach, located near Frankfurt am Main, where Father Filev was to receive medical advice. Because of the need to land at a small private airport, Filyova preferred a small plane that would be located on a short strip of an airfield less than 1,5 kilometers in length.

About 15: 30 Dikun requested permission to land at Egelsbach and received it. Then the pilot said that he was switching from instrumental to visual flight, having disconnected from the radar control system. Dikun's colleagues called this decision logical, because the landing airport was not equipped with landing control systems, and visibility and weather allowed us to land manually.

The pilot did not report any problems on board. Eight minutes after contact, Epic collapsed in a private field a few kilometers from the airport and caught fire.

The collapse of the Epic-LT business jet took place on March 31 while landing at the Egelsbach airport in Frankfurt am Main, the plane was flying from France. 1 April Investigative Committee opened a criminal case of a plane crash. In addition, the investigation will be conducted by an international commission, which will include Russian experts. The German aviation authorities did not rule out that it would take “months or even years” to investigate the causes of the tragedy. The situation is complicated by the fact that so far it was not possible to find the “black boxes” of the plane on which Filyova flew.

Recall that 31 March as a result of the crash of a private jet at Frankfurt am Main Airport 55-year-old Natalia Fileva died, co-owner of the airline S7, which occupies the second place after the Aeroflot group in the Russian aviation market. A statement from the press service of the police of the federal state of Hessen states that the crashed six-seater was completely burned out.

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