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Navalny was discharged from a Berlin clinic: he spoke about his rehabilitation

The Berlin Charité clinic announced that Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been discharged. In total, he spent 32 days in a German hospital. Writes about this with the BBC.

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In a press release, published by on the website of the clinic, it is said that the state of health of the oppositionist has improved so much that the doctors found it possible to discharge him from hospital treatment.

In addition, the report notes that doctors believe that Navalny's full recovery is possible, but they do not exclude that the consequences of the poisoning may still appear in the future.

The message clarifies that Navalny spent a total of 32 days at the Charité, of which 24 were in the intensive care ward.

Navalny himself posted on Instagram and Facebook post, in which he spoke about the course of his rehabilitation.

“The first time they brought me to the mirror, after 24 days in intensive care (of which 16 were in a coma). A character from the movie “The Lord of the Rings” looked at me from the mirror. And believe me, it was not an elf at all. “I was terribly upset: I thought that I would never be discharged,” writes the oppositionist. “But the doctors continued to work their miracle, I worked with a physiotherapist, ate, tried to sleep more (the biggest problem so far). In recent days, I have even been allowed to go out onto the common balcony 2 times for 5 minutes a day. True, the balcony was even more melancholy: the weather was great, the sun was shining, there were some parks and trees below, and I was in the room.”

“But the day has come - hurray! After 32 days in the hospital, doctors decided that further recovery did not require inpatient treatment, but the normalization of life. Walk, spend time with family. Get into the routine of daily movements. And now - hop - I'm already hobbling around the park in pants three sizes too big. First of all, he asked me to take me somewhere where there are trees,” Navalny continues his story.

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He writes that although the consequences of the poisoning are still there, he will be able to just visit the clinic and recover.

“The plans are simple for now: a physiotherapist every day. Possibly a rehab center. Stand on one leg. Fully regain control of your fingers. Keep balance. It’s funny, I dreamed of learning how to ride a wakeboard behind a boat on a wave and I learned this summer. And now I’m learning to stand on one leg. All sorts of funny things turned up. For example, I can't throw a ball with my left hand. I can even catch it, but I can’t throw it. The brain just doesn't want to make this movement. Or write by hand. Until recently, it didn’t work out in line. I started in a column all the time. Rehabilitation, in general,” writes the politician.

Navalny did not forget to note the work of doctors and the support of people, which is very important for him.

“Once again, many thanks to the entire team of doctors at the Charité clinic and to Professor Eckard personally. They did an incredible job. Thank you all for your support,” he writes. “She was and remains very important.” Don't think that I don't know what you're writing. As soon as I began to more or less understand, comments were read to me. By the way, I will try to spend a little more time on social networks. Yesterday a neuropsychologist came and did tests to see if I was going stupid. I ask: what should I do to get back faster from the point of view of not only the physical, but also the head. I liked the answer: read more, write on social networks. Play video games. We need to find out if it’s possible to get a prescription for PS 5 at the hospital.”

What happened

Alexei Navalny became ill on August 20 on board a plane heading from Tomsk to Moscow. The pilots urgently landed in Omsk, where Navalny was hospitalized... His relatives and associates said that they most likely poisoned him, but Omsk doctors said that they did not find signs of poisoning in the politician.

At the same time, doctors in Omsk insisted that the politician was not transportable; his relatives demanded to allow him to be sent for treatment to Germany... As a result, Omsk doctors still gave permission to transport Navalny, and on the morning of August 22 he hospitalized at Charité.

Doctors at the Berlin clinic later stated that indeed see signs of poisoning a substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors. On September 2, the German authorities, referring to the conclusion of specialists from the Bundeswehr laboratory, clarified that the politician was poisoned with a military substance from the Novichok group.

On September 7, Charite reported that Navalny's condition had improved, his brought out of an artificial coma and disconnected from the ventilator.

A week later, the clinic reported that a politician can get out of bed on his own, and German authorities stated that the presence of traces of Novichok in Navalny’s tests was confirmed by three independent laboratories.

A little later, the German government officially announced that the Bundeswehr laboratory found traces of a toxic substance from the Novichok group in the tests of a Russian politician... This was later confirmed by France and Sweden, who conducted their own research on analyzes.

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The Russian side insists that in the analyzes that were taken from Navalny in the Omsk hospital, no traces of any toxic substances were found, and there are no grounds for initiating a criminal case. The Russian prosecutor's office sent two requests to the German side with a request to provide the results of his samples. The German authorities stated that the request for legal assistance could only be granted if Navalny himself agreed.

Navalny’s associates believe that the politician could have been poisoned with Novichok even before his trip to the Tomsk airport. This is evidenced by traces of poison, which, according to FBK, were found on a bottle of water from which Navalny drank in his hotel room. The politician’s associates collected the bottles in his room after the news of the poisoning and sent them to Germany.

The European Parliament demands an investigation into Navalny's poisoning. On September 17, he adopted a resolution calling on Russian authorities to cooperate with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and provide it with full information about the Novichok program.

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