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Spider Invasion in California: They Weave Huge Webs and Can Bite

It's orb-weaving spider "season" in San Diego County, California. This year there are more of these insects than usual, reports NBC.

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Thousands of spiders have been spotted in California.

According to the San Diego County Office of Public Affairs, it's not so much arachnid season as it is simply a matter of all the little critters growing up and making their presence felt.

Chris Conlan, a chief ecologist who has worked with the county's vector control program for more than two decades, said rainy seasons create more vegetation throughout San Diego County, which increases the number of insects and spiders.

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Orb-weaving spiders have more offspring, they are well-fed and thriving.

Orb-weaving spiders typically build the famous wheel-shaped spiral webs often found in gardens, fields and forests - the kind of webs you walk into when walking to your car or front door.

Orb-weaving spiders are a family of spiders, not just one species. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and are classified by the intricate web weaving they usually complete within a couple of days. They are very, very resilient—and have largely spread throughout the world.

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An orb weaving spider's web can sometimes be so large that it extends from a house to a car or between trees.

Although these spiders may look scary, they are usually not dangerous. They can bite, but only do so when threatened. They tend to quickly flee if something large, such as a person, breaks through their web.

As you walk, hold a stick or hand out in front of you to spot spider webs before you come face to face with them. It's also wise to avoid walking between objects that spiders might use as anchor points for their webs.

After the winter cold, their numbers will decrease significantly.

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