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'Our mentality helps to survive': how Ukrainians who are left without work in the USA cope

Ukrainians, due to coronavirus who were unemployed in the USA, told their stories To the Voice of America and shared how they survive under such conditions.

Pavel Gavrilov works in a dental laboratory in Maryland. On March 30, he stopped going to work. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the laboratory closed and all workers were sent on unpaid leave.

“Due to the fact that doctors cancel meetings with people, we are dependent on doctors and must leave, because the laboratory is closed indefinitely,” says Pavel.

In order not to be left without means for living, the family decided to apply for unemployment benefits.

“That is, there should be enough for life,” says the man.

Pavel hopes that after the crisis ends, the company will retain his job. However, the uncertainty due to the financial situation, the fear of losing his job and anxiety for his health and loved ones do not give him rest.

“I would say it is a little pressure,” says Gavrilov. “Considering that you are watching the news all over the world. But with all this, you need to remain calm, observe the rules of hygiene and listen to what the government is talking about. "

For those who find themselves unemployed, there are two options: either apply for state unemployment assistance, or look for a temporary job. Many companies that continue to operate during the pandemic are looking for additional personnel - for example, home disinfection or delivery companies.

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According to the recruiter Irina Nevozhay, many companies are looking for workers to deliver to stores where there are not enough hands.

“Especially if you can drive a car, you can find temporary work until the crisis, so as not to sit around,” says Irina. - Because, firstly, it is money, and secondly, morale. ”

Irina Nevozhay works for a recruiting company in California. She and her husband are already making plans for unemployment. The family keeps a lot of their savings in stocks, the value of which has dropped significantly due to the crisis.

“We have shares, and they went down,” says Irina. “I don’t even want to count how much we have lost to date.”

Oksana Korposh, the owner of small business in New York, also talks about the losses. Due to the pandemic, Oksana completely closed her business. All its employees were left without work and without a chance for state assistance.

“For many employees, this will be a difficult situation, since they are independent contractors,” says Oksana. "They can't apply for unemployment benefits."

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They do not know how long they will have to hold out.

Most of the people we spoke with are convinced that the crisis could have been smaller if people were serious about the pandemic and the demands of the authorities.

“I have an insane anger towards people,” Oksana admits. - On those who walk, who say that it doesn't matter. Yes, this is very important, because due to the fact that you are walking, we may not get up later. And now we might go bankrupt because you walk. "

However, the Ukrainians with whom we spoke are optimistic about the crisis. Pavel Gavrilov plans homework for the period of quarantine, and also says that this is an opportunity to spend more time with his wife.

“Dedicate your time to family relationships, because we are constantly on the move, we always have little time,” he says. “So we can just stop for a moment and devote time to our family.”

“Still, it seems to me that this is our Ukrainian mentality,” says Oksana Korposh. “We are used to crisis situations.”

Here, in the USA, those who migrated from Ukraine were lucky, Oksana believes. In her opinion, the Ukrainian mentality helps to survive.

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