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Arizona: A bear entered a house and attacked a teenager.

A black bear attacked a teenager with a rare neurological disease. The animal climbed into the cottage through an open door, reports Dailymail.

This large female black bear grazes on a hillside near Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park.

Photo: Sparks/Torquemada

Predator caught 15-year-old Brigham Hawkins by surprise. The bear made its way inside a cottage in Apache National Forest, where a boy was watching a video on his phone.

Brigham accidentally left the cottage door open, allowing the beast to enter the house unhindered. Due to his rare neurological disease, the boy cannot move quickly, so he had little chance of defending himself from the three-year-old bear.

Double attack

The teenager was watching a YouTube video with the back door open, and at this time a black bear crept up behind him and grabbed his face.

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According to Brigham's mother, Carol Hawkins, their family has been vacationing in a house near Blue River Road for many years, and she could not even imagine that something like this could happen.

“My son didn’t notice the bear because it came up from behind. The beast hit him in the face twice,” Carol said. “The predator hit the child on the nose and cheek, and then on the forehead and top of the head.”

Carol noticed that after the first blows the clubfoot left the hut, but then returned to repeat the attack.

Fortunately, Brigham's brother Parker was nearby and heard his screams. He ran to the hut and was able to drive the bear away.

Arizona Game and Fish Department law enforcement chief Sean Wagner said Parker appears to have saved his brother's life.

“Thanks to his quick reaction, he was able to distract the bear from what very easily could have turned into a real tragedy in a matter of seconds,” the official emphasized.

Officers were called to the scene, tracked the bear down and killed it. The animal's body was taken to the state health laboratory where it will be tested for rabies.

Brigham was taken to the hospital, where his wounds were treated and he was given a preventive vaccination against rabies. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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The incident is only the 16th bear attack on people in Arizona since 1990, of which only two were fatal, Wagner said.

Recommendations for vacationers

The Arizona Game and Fish Department advises people vacationing in areas where bears live to be aware of their surroundings.

Officials advise keeping food and anything that might attract a bear out of reach and not leaving leftover food in tents or on grills.

The department advises, among other things, camping away from areas where bears typically feed, such as lakes and other bodies of water.

It is recommended to go in groups rather than alone; Make noise and avoid scented cosmetics that may attract bears, such as lotions, scented deodorants or perfumes.

If you encounter this predator, you should back away slowly while maintaining eye contact - do not run.

Officials advise that if a clubfoot approaches, create the appearance of the largest object possible: wave your arms, pull your sweater or shirt above your head.

If the animal tries to attack, throw various objects at it, make noise and resist in any way.

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