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San Bernardino attacker pledges allegiance to Islamic State

A suspect in the shooting at a California medical center for people with disabilities in the town of San Bernardino has been associated with radical Islamists. Reports about it CNN with reference to local police.

According to the channel, citing officials close to the investigation, the attacker Tasfina Malik posted a video on Facebook in which she stated that she was swearing allegiance to the terrorist organization Islamic State.

“This is more and more like self-radicalization,” said a law enforcement official.

According to law enforcement, in 2013, a man visited Saudi Arabia at least twice.

During a search conducted in the house of the suspects, Said Rizuan and his wife, Tasfina Malik, police found 12 improvised tube-type explosive devices, raw materials and items for making explosive devices and several thousand rounds of ammunition.

The search was carried out after the chase and shootout, during which the attackers were shot. They managed to make 76 shots at the police, the same in response fired 380 bullets. Two police officers were slightly injured.

The authorities still do not understand what was the motive of the massacre, organized by 28-year-old Said Farouk and his 27-year-old spouse Tasfina Malik. According to police, the couple was ready to carry out another attack, writes Air force.

Earlier, "Forum" wrote that as a result attack at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, providing assistance to people with developmental disabilities, at least 14 people died. Another 17 man, according to police, was injured. The criminals tried to escape, but then were discovered and eliminated during the shootout.

Policy send “Prayers and condolences”, however, do not say the most important thing - in America, about 33 thousand Americans are killed by firearms every year. These are murders, suicides and accidents.

"Forum" prepared See an infographic comparing some of the causes of death for Americans between 2001 and 2013.

In the U.S. shooting California fire weapon San bernardino Islamic domination

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