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Much more luxurious than ordinary employees: how a cruise ship captain lives

We've all seen footage of how crew members live aboard cruise ships. They live in cramped quarters and are often forced to share a room with a colleague. However, cruise ship captains live more luxurious lives. The captain oversees all operations on board to make sure the ship is running safely on every voyage - no easy job. And that means you need to relax with great comfort. How do the captains of chicken liners live, the publication said Royal Caribbean Blog.

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As the captain of Celebrity Edge, Kate McCue posted a video on TikTok showing what her living quarters look like. The video, posted in August 2020, has over a million likes.

Who is Captain Kate McKue

Captain McCue made history as the first American woman to be promoted to captain of a mega cruise ship. In 2015, she became a Celebrity Summit Commander when she was just 37 years old.

While attending California State University, she interned at Chiquita Brands International where she worked on one of their cargo ships and helped ship bananas between Ecuador and Los Angeles.

After earning a degree in business administration, she moved to Hawaii and worked as a sailor. When Captain McCue began applying for positions with cruise lines, it took her nine months for Disney Cruise Line to offer her the role of entry-level third mate.

In 2003, she moved to Royal Caribbean after being offered the role of second mate and was promoted to first mate just a year later.

Her dream was one day to take command of a ship. To achieve this goal, the future Captain McCue knew that she needed to continue her education, and in 2009 she received her Master's Officer and Master's Postgraduate License from the Marine Institute of Technology.

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By 2011, she was a captain of staff at Royal Caribbean. This position is Deputy Commander.

Celebrity Cruises asked Captain McCue to consider applying for the position of captain in 2015, and she accepted the position of commander of Celebrity Summit, making her the first female megaship commander in the United States.

As of June 2023, she is the captain of Celebrity Beyond, the cruise line's newest ship.

What does the main living area look like?

"Welcome to my humble abode known as the captain's quarters," Captain McCue says at the beginning of the video as he opens the door to his quarters.

There is no lack of natural light thanks to the large number of windows and the endless veranda.

@captainkatemccue CRIBS: Captain's Quarters, Suite Life Edition & tour du jour. You asked for it… #fyp #foryou #captainscabin #celebrityedge #cruise #captain #room ♬ Alone - Petit Biscuit

Viewers immediately realize how important Bug the cat, who lives with Captain McCue aboard the ship, is to her. You see the bed right under the endless veranda, perfect for Bug.

The room is furnished with a large sofa and coffee table, media console and TV. She displays a framed image of Saint Nicholas on one of the built-in shelves.

“Because we are superstitious,” she says. “There is someone we never travel without. This is the patron saint of sailors, Saint Nicholas.

What does the bedroom and bathroom look like?

Overall, the bedroom seems pretty standard for Celebrity Cruises. The captain shows a large double bed, bedside tables and another TV. However, as soon as she enters the bathroom, you realize that this is no ordinary cabin.

There are double sinks, a rain shower and even a deep soaking tub. The bathroom even connects directly to the main hallway as well as the bedroom.

What is remarkable about the main galley and office

Directly opposite the bathroom is the main galley and yes there is another TV.

Despite the lack of a fully equipped kitchen, Captain McCue's cabin has a full-sized refrigerator with water and food for Bug. The galley drawers are crammed full of snacks like gummy bears and candy bars. In addition, there is a large table that can seat six guests.

Connected to the main galley is Captain McCue's office, which in turn is directly connected to the ship's bridge.

The bridge is the place from which the ship is controlled and is located at the bow of the ship. Here the captain and other crew members perform their duties.

“There are at least three very qualified and licensed officers on duty at all times on the bridge,” McCue explained. – Three different teams change every four hours. Each of them has eight hours of rest. The teams consist of an officer of the watch, an assistant officer of the watch and a quartermaster.

How are the other crew members doing?

Christine Kugler is currently a dancer aboard Royal Caribbean's Odyssey of the Seas and in March 2023 she posted a video on her YouTube channel showing what her life is like. While Captain McCue has his own cabin, Coogler shares a cabin with another crew member.

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Depending on the position of the crew member on board, they may also have their own cabin, although not as luxurious as Captain McCue's.

Coogler showed off a bunk bed, a large TV, drawers bought from Amazon for extra storage, and a folding table.

While the room itself is by no means a spacious suite, Coogler's biggest comment is on the size of the bathroom.

“When we first entered those bathrooms, it was definitely a shock,” she said. “It is much smaller than anything we are used to, and we have to share it with another person.”

After all, the cabin to which a crew member is assigned depends on his position. As Captain McKue is the ship's most senior officer with years of experience, she has earned the right to one of, if not the best accommodations on board.

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