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Tax season 2021: how to prepare and file your tax return online for free

The tax season starts on February 12, but some taxpayers may already be looking at their taxes for 2020. USA Today.

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The Free File Alliance is a U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) program that partners with private companies to provide free tax training to millions of tax filers. The program is available to those whose adjusted gross income in 2020 was a maximum of $ 72.

The public-private partnership was designed to provide free tax preparation by a dozen companies, including H&R Block and Intuit, TurboTax's parent company.

The agency hasn't officially announced that the Free File tool is open, but on Online indicated that it is available.

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Tax season as reported CNBC, will start on February 12th. Until then, taxpayers can use Free File to pay fees. When the IRS officially begins its season and has processed the returns, Free File will ship them to their destination.

In recent years, the program has received close attention. While about 70% of tax filers can use the online system, taxpayer lawyers and lawmakers say some tax filing services have translated Free File tax filers into their paid commercial services.

As a result, more than 14 million taxpayers paid a filing and filing fee for their federal tax returns during the 2019 filing season - despite being eligible for free services. These conclusions were made following the results of an audit conducted by the Inspector General for Tax Administration of the Treasury last year.

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In 2020, the IRS decided to help more people file their tax returns for free. It has banned tax filing services from discouraging users from determining if they are eligible for free filing.

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