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The IRS threatens thousands of Americans who fell for the tricks of scammers with prison.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has discovered thousands of requests for refunds that taxpayers are not entitled to. These people may face criminal prosecution, reports Fox.

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On May 14, the IRS warned that thousands of taxpayers face criminal prosecution if they file false tax returns to get large refunds. Read about why the poor in the United States pay more taxes to the country than the rich. material.

In a press release, the IRS repeated its warning about scams related to tax credits and refunds. We wrote about important tax terms you need to know in 2024 in our article.

On the subject: What happens if you do not pay taxes in the United States

Despite the warnings, the IRS is faced with thousands of dubious claims from taxpayers for refunds they are not entitled to receive. As a result, the IRS has delayed refunds and is requiring taxpayers under investigation to provide evidence that they are entitled to receive those refunds.

“Scammers and social media posts have spread a number of false and misleading claims. They led well-meaning taxpayers to believe they were entitled to large, windfall tax refunds,” said IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel. “These inappropriate claims were discovered during our fraud audit.” Taxpayers who filed these claims should understand that they have been defrauded. They can only expect an extensive review process and a long potential wait if they are owed other tax refunds.”

Which loans are most often falsified in the declaration?

Fuel Tax Credit is intended for business and agricultural use.

Taxpayers claiming the credit must have a business purpose and qualifying activity, such as operating a farm or purchasing gasoline for aviation use.

Taxpayers claiming the sick and family leave credit must have been self-employed during the pandemic or in 2020-2021. In 2023, the loan was not provided.

“The IRS has seen repeated instances of taxpayers misusing Form 7202, Credits for Sick Leave and Family Leave for Certain Self-Employed Individuals, to erroneously claim a credit based on employee income rather than self-employed income,” wrote to the department.

The IRS said household employment taxes are claimed by taxpayers who "invent" fictitious domestic workers. They claim compensation based on false information about the payment of wages to such workers.

“Such inappropriate claims are fueled by social media and people giving bad advice,” the commissioner explained. “Fraudsters are constantly trying to exploit the complexity of the tax system to convince people that there are secret ways to get a big refund.”

What awaits the scammers

Refunds will likely be frozen for those flagged by the IRS as potential fraud until that taxpayer takes steps to resolve the issue.

If a refund has been frozen, that person should expect to receive letters from the IRS asking for additional information. For example, proof of identity, whether the taxpayer actually qualifies for one of the three tax benefits or has used a tax return preparation service.

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If the person used the services of a tax return preparer, they will be asked to verify that the preparer signed the return.

If a tax return is not signed, the IRS believes the taxpayer has been misled.

While taxpayers are not required to visit the Taxpayer Assistance Center to verify their identity, they will have to amend their tax return to cancel the credit.

In addition, the IRS said that eligible taxpayers who are flagged by the IRS can provide documentation to prove they qualify for the credit.

Anyone who didn't qualify but claimed a refund on their taxes could be fined nearly $5000 per refund. In addition, taxpayers risk criminal prosecution, the IRS says.

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