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Punishment cannot be pardoned: the strangest laws in every US state

It is hard to believe in such prohibitions and rules, but in the USA they really exist. The strangest laws adopted in each state, told the publication USA Today.

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Here are the strangest laws that have been passed in every state (some have been repealed, but some are still in force). Find out what the law says is the strangest law in your state.

No drunken skiing in Wyoming. State law states that "no one should take a passenger tram uphill or use ski slopes or trails if their ability to do so is restricted by the use of alcohol or any illegal substances or other drugs."

Wisconsin takes cheese seriously. State law requires cheese labeled as Wisconsin Premium AA to meet a certain standard: it must be "fine, very tasty, and free of objectionable taste and odor."

West Virginia prohibits "lewd and lustful" behavior prior to marriage. In 1931, West Virginia passed legislation prohibiting "indecent and lustful cohabitation and behavior prior to marriage." The law was finally repealed in 2010.

Be careful, Bigfoot hunters. In Scamania County, Washington, a law was passed in 1969 according to which "killing Bigfoot is a criminal offense and punishable by 5 years in prison." Later, the law was amended, according to which Bigfoot was recognized as an endangered species.

In Virginia, it is illegal to “hunt or kill any wild bird or wild animal, including any nasty species” on Sundays. However, killing raccoons is acceptable. What's wrong with raccoons !?

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It is illegal to ban clotheslines in Vermont. The law prohibits regulations prohibiting "clotheslines or other energy devices based on renewable resources."

In Utah, it is illegal to "cause disaster." State law defines a disaster as widespread personal injury or damage caused by a weapon of mass destruction, explosion, fire, flood, avalanche, or building collapse.

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In Texas, proxy marriages are perfectly legal. In other words, if you have a legitimate reason for not being there - for example, serving in the army - you can send someone to marry in your place, provided that you have all the necessary paperwork.

Duelists cannot hold official positions. According to the Tennessee Constitution, it is illegal to hold public office if a person does one of the following: "participates in a duel, or knowingly accepts a challenge to a duel, or sends or accepts a challenge for this purpose, or be an assistant or accomplice in a duel."

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In South Carolina, the law once found a man guilty of misdemeanor, he seduced an unmarried woman "by deceiving and promising to marry." The law was repealed in 2016.

In Rhode Island, you face up to 20 years in prison if you “gouge out your eye, cut your nose, ear, or lip, or cut, bite off, or maim any limb of another person. "

If you live in Pennsylvania, don't try to sell your child. State law states that "a person is guilty of a first degree misdemeanor if he trades in human beings, trading, exchanging, buying, selling, or doing business with babies."

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If you want to tell fortunes, then you definitely shouldn't do it in Yamhilla, Oregon. It is illegal to practice "occult arts" there, defined as "divination, astrology, phrenology, palmistry, clairvoyance, mesmerism, spiritualism, or any other practice or teaching found to be unfounded and unscientific, through which pretense is made."

It might be wise for curious people to avoid Oklahoma. According to state law, "Anyone guilty of wrongdoing is guilty of a misdemeanor for anyone guilty of stealthily walking around a building with the intent to eavesdrop on a conversation it contains, or to repeat or publish it to anger, annoy or harm others."

If your dangerous animal escapes, you must report it to the authorities. Next time you are in Grand Rapids, Ohio, be careful with your exotic animals. The law requires that "the owner or custodian of any species of wildlife who escapes the care or control of the owner or custodian and is not native to that state or poses a risk of serious physical harm to people or property" must inform the authorities of the escape within one hours ".

Pigeons can be annoying, but in North Dakota you need permission to kill them. State law states that "no person, firm or corporation shall exterminate pigeons or other harmful wild birds without first obtaining permission from the Fargo Department of Health."

In North Carolina, it is illegal to hold a rally or demonstration wearing a mask, hood, or other suit. The law was likely passed to curb Ku Klux Klan activities in the state.

If you are not attending a properly approved meeting, in New York it is illegal to be "disguised or in any way dressed in an unusual or unnatural clothes or with a changed disguised face. " This law was repealed in 2020.

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For over a century, New Mexico law has stated that "idiots" have no right to vote. In 2016, the discriminatory language concerning people with mental disabilities was finally canceled.

If you are planning to commit a serious crime in New Jersey, leave your bulletproof vest at home. According to state law, wearing body armor while committing or attempting to commit or flee after committing or attempting to commit murder, manslaughter, robbery, sexual assault, burglary, or kidnapping is a crime of the third degree.

In 2017, New Hampshire passed an anti-homicide law defining a 20-week-old fetus as a person. clarifying that the law does not apply to pregnant women who may need an abortion for health reasons. However, lawmakers quickly amended the law after it became clear that its vague wording could allow pregnant women to commit any murder without consequences.

In Reno, Nevada, it is illegal to sit or lie on the sidewalk. The law states that "no one should sit or lie on the sidewalk, blanket, chair, stool, or any other object placed on the sidewalk in downtown Reno."

It is illegal in Nebraska to marry if you have a sexually transmitted disease (although the courts later clarified that if the other spouse knew about the illness at the time of the marriage, he could not try to annul it later on these grounds). Use protection!

If you are performing live in Billings, Montana, you need stamina: by law, you must remain on stage for the duration of your performance. The law states that "an entertainer, whether male or female, is not allowed to leave such a platform or place during entertainment or performance."

Jefferson, Missouri is strict about garage sales. It is illegal to have more than two sales in one location in one year. In addition, a garage sale cannot last longer than three days and must be held at specific hours.

Children should only be legal. Mississippi once passed a law establishing that any person who already had an illegitimate child and becomes the parent of an illegitimate child again in the state is guilty of an offense punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both.

Up to 2015 years Minnesota law restricted nursing homes and retirement centers to just two days of bingo a week. Even if you visited a resident of a nursing home, you were forbidden to play bingo with him. Don't let things go too far!

The next time you enjoy an evening in Michigan, you better think carefully about how you are going to get home. According to state law, it is illegal for a person in an "aggressive state of intoxication" to "enter, be, or remain on any railroad train or intercity carriage as a passenger."

Make sure you have some savvy when you sing the national anthem in Massachusetts. According to state law, if a person “plays, sings, or plays the Star-Spangled Banner” in any public place, theater, cinema, restaurant or cafe, or any public event, except as a whole and separate composition or number without embellishment and addition in the form folk or other melodies ”may be punished with a fine. In other words, playing the national anthem incorrectly could get you in trouble.

Watch your language in Maryland. In Rockville, it is illegal to “swear and swear or use profanity on or near any street, sidewalk or highway within earshot of people passing by, on or along such street, sidewalk or highway.”

In Maine, dancing is prohibited in alcoholic beverage establishments unless a "special entertainment permit" has been issued to the establishment. Better prepare your permit application.

The next time you're looking for an adrenaline rush in Louisiana, avoid the bear fight if possible. Louisiana law states that persons participating in a "fight with a bear", defined like "a duel or duel between one or more people and a bear for the purpose of fighting or engaging in a physical quarrel or contest," you are guilty of this fight with the bear.

If you are caught using reptiles at a religious service in Kentucky, you face a fine of over $ 50. This law probably arose to address the problem of the handling of snakes that arose in the early 20th century in some isolated churches.

Kansas people don't mess with their cherry pie. At one point, it was illegal in the state to put a scoop of ice cream on a slice of cherry pie. It is unclear how the law came about and is technically still on the books, according to the Kansas secretary of state, but fortunately for dessert lovers, it is not being enforced.

Many states have laws restricting various activities on Sundays, but in Iowa, it is illegal to sell cars or SUVs on Sundays.

Pi is a long, irrational number and is difficult to remember. Maybe that's why the Indiana House of Representatives passed a law in 1897, redefining the value of pi at 3,2. Fortunately for math students across the state, a mathematician scientist stepped in and the bill stalled in the Senate and never passed.

Want to give your pet a new look? Be careful what you do in Chicago. It is illegal to sell or display "live chickens, ducklings, goslings or other poultry or rabbits that have been dyed or otherwise treated to artificially color them."

Most of us think that eating fellows is indecent. But in Idaho it is made clear in the law - although the law also states that cannibalism is a legal defense "in extremely life-threatening conditions as the only obvious means of survival."

If you're driving around Hawaii, you won't find anything to get in the way of the state's magnificent scenery - billboards are illegal.

Don't try to keep your fingers clean if you eat Georgia fried chicken. According to a 1961 Gainesville proclamation intended to promote Gainesville as a poultry center, it is forbidden to eat fried chicken with a fork. In 2009, a woman was arrested in a draw for breaking the law, but was later pardoned.

Florida faced minor issues in 2013 when accidentally banned all computers in the state. An intricately worded law designed to ban Internet cafes engaging in illegal gambling has sparked a lawsuit arguing that the ban could be interpreted as applicable to any device connected to the Internet.

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Thought you could make a few dollars on your relative's old wooden leg? Don't be so sure. In Delaware, it is against the law for a moneylender to "take or receive as collateral or pledge any prostheses or wheelchair."

Prior to 2002, it was illegal in Connecticut to keep city records at liquor stores. It is unclear whether any particular incident triggered the initial adoption of this law.

In parts of the University Hill area in Boulder, Colorado, a law was passed in 2001 prohibiting the use of indoor furniture outdoors - no sofas on the front lawns or porch. According to the ordinance, the goal was to protect the "public health, safety and well-being" of the city's residents.

California takes frog rights seriously. State law allows a person to have any number of live frogs for a frog jumping competition, but if a frog dies or is killed, "it must be destroyed as soon as possible and cannot be eaten or used for any other purpose."

Although not technically illegal, Arkansas has passed a law to "prevent" mispronunciation of its name. Better not try to pronounce Arkansas phonetically - this provision explicitly states that "the accent of the second syllable with the a in man and the terminal s is an innovation that should not be encouraged."

Next time you are in Arizona, make sure you have good manners - in Goodyear it is forbidden to spit on the sidewalk, pedestrian crossing, highway, park or public building.

In Alaska, you don't bother with moose. If a hunter catches a moose, certain parts of the animal, including the head, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach and skin, are legally to be saved "for human use."

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