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Frequently asked questions about the lottery to get a green card



Registration for the 2018 lottery of the year ends at noon EST (in 17: 00 GMT) 7 November 2016 of the year. Photo:

Registration for the 2019 lottery of the year ends at noon EST (in 17: 00 GMT) 7 November 2017 of the year. Photo:

Register for the Immigrant Visa Lottery Program (Diversity visa (DV)) already in full swing. Registration for the 2019 lottery of the year ends at noon EST (in 17: 00 GMT) 7 November 2017 of the year.

Planning to take part? If you have not registered yet, check out the answers from the staff of the Bureau of the State Department of Consular Affairs to the most frequently asked questions about the lottery.

What rights does a visa for immigrant natives of different countries give me? Will the US government help me find a job?

If you are issued a DV visa, you will be able to live and work in the United States. The US government will not pay for your flight, look for housing or work for you. You will have to prove that you most likely will not need the help of the US government to pay for living expenses. You will not need to prove that you have any specific amount of money. During the visa interview, the consular officer will consider the totality of your circumstances.

Why are citizens of my country not eligible to participate in the DV program this year?

Countries from which more than 5 thousands of immigrants have arrived in the United States over the past 50 years are not eligible to participate in the DV lottery. Although such countries are not excluded from the list of participants forever, we cannot predict when they will be granted this right again.
If I register with the DV program as the main applicant, can my wife submit a separate application in the same capacity? Could this be a reason not to consider our applications?

Husband and wife can submit separate applications if they meet the necessary requirements. In the event that one of the spouses is chosen, the other will be able to apply for a visa as an accompanying person. Do not forget to enter in the application form the spouse (s) and children. If both spouses are participating in the lottery, they must provide information about each other and the children. If you do not fulfill this condition, your application will be disqualified.

Can I use last year's photo?

Not. Questionnaires with previously used photos will not be considered. You must provide a photo taken within the last six months.

Can I apply for a DV visa if I already have a US visa?

Yes, you can apply for DV-2017, even if you already have a US visa.

Is it possible to change the address in my application if I am selected, but since the registration I have changed my place of residence?

If you are selected and you need to change the address, contact Consulate Center in Kentucky.

Why DV visa is not enough for all selected by the results of the lottery persons?

The DV-2018 program provides for the issuance of 50 thousands of DV visas. More than 50 thousand people are selected in the lottery, as some of them do not meet the requirements for obtaining a visa or refuse to apply for a visa; we, in turn, want to make sure that all 50 thousands of visas will be issued. Only the first 50 thousands of applicants who meet the necessary requirements will be issued visas. After issuing visas to these persons, the program will be completed.

If you want to get a visa, after you are selected, you should apply for it immediately. If you do not appear for an interview with a consular officer, transfer him to a later date or do not have the necessary documents, you risk losing the opportunity to obtain a visa.

How much does it cost to participate in the Diversity Visa program?

Participation in the program is free. If your application is approved, you will have to pay visa fees at the embassy when an interview is scheduled. Beware of fraud associated with paying fees when registering for the visa lottery!

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