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Reliable and inexpensive: how is it profitable to send a parcel from the USA to your homeland

Sending parcels to their homeland is always pleasant, but also troublesome. Concerns are usually associated with two points: 1) how to send a package quickly and inexpensively; 2) how to choose a reliable company, so that the shipment will be received at home without problems and delays.

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Therefore, it is important to entrust this matter to knowledgeable and experienced people, professionals, so that then, as they say, your head does not hurt - where is the premise, what is with it and when will it be received? ..

International forwarding is a rather complicated process, in the organization of which much needs to be known. After all, each country to which you send the parcel has its own characteristics of receipt and delivery, its own customs and tax rules, which in our turbulent times tend to constantly change.

Take, for example, Russia. A package there can be sent to the post office closest to the recipient, or it can be sent directly home (by courier delivery). The maximum weight of a parcel in the mail should not exceed 44 pounds (20 kg), and any measurement of it cannot be more than 41 inches (105 cm). Courier delivery is more expensive, but the maximum weight of the package can be 66 pounds (30 kg), and the maximum length is allowed up to 59 inches (150 cm) and, of course, it will be delivered directly to your home. In addition, from January 1, 2020, parcels with a weight of not more than 31 kg and an investment value of not more than 200 euros are allowed to be sent to the Russian Federation without paying customs duties, and restrictions on the cost and weight per recipient per month have also been lifted.

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Customs features for each country are different. For example, for Ukraine there are no such strict restrictions on weight and size as in Russia. The maximum weight of a parcel to this country should not exceed 50 kg. But then the customs restrictions are different - the maximum tax-free amount of the cost of investments is 100 euros.

But for Belarus, the maximum non-taxable additional import duty is only 22 euros per parcel, and not more than 200 euros per month per person. In this case, the maximum weight of the parcel, not subject to import duties, is 22 pounds (10 kg) and not more than 66 pounds (30 kg) per month.

Moldova does not impose additional import duties on goods for 300 euros by sea (including the cost of delivery from the USA) and 430 euros by air, and the weight of the parcel can reach 66 pounds (30 kg). In Uzbekistan, another feature is that it is allowed to send goods for $ 1000 per quarter (3 months), while goods of the same type can be sent only once during this period. In Georgia, goods worth 300 lari (about $ 87) are not subject to import duties, in Azerbaijan - $ 1000, and in Armenia - 350 euros (per month) for individuals and 200 euros for legal entities.

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Today in the United States in the mailing business there are many different companies, each of which offers its own conditions. Among them, it is worth paying attention to Meest-america. Prices here are 3-4 times lower than UPS or FedEx. Moreover, the company has extensive experience working with individuals, residents of the United States; over 30 years of work in this industry, she confirmed her reliability and studied all the subtleties and features of sending parcels to each country.

It is convenient and safe to send small parcels and boxes with heavy weight via Meest. Products, clothes, toys - everything comes without a problem. Can be shipped by ship or plane. Both methods are equally reliable; the first is cheaper, but slower, the second is faster, but more expensive. At the same time, it’s very convenient that it is possible to track the package - you constantly know where it is now.

Meest-america For over 30 years, it has been the largest and most popular company in the United States for sending parcels to Ukraine. In recent years, Meest, thanks to favorable conditions and reliability, is gaining popularity among those who send parcels to other countries: Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Thanks to a wide network of representative offices in the USA, as well as a number of additional services, sending parcels through Meest is not only simple, but also pleasant. The company's employees are always ready to help with advice, suggest which service is better to choose, and if necessary, they themselves will pack your package securely. In addition, if you are a regular customer, they will always remember this: sending every eleventh package during the year will be free for you.

To find a Meest representative in your area, just call the toll-free number 1-800-288-9949. The courier will come to your home, arrange and pick up the package for dispatch. If you live in a remote area, you can independently send your parcel to the company address via FedEx, by ordering by phone or email the FedEx prepaid label, customs form CN23 and instructions for delivering the parcel to the company office in New Jersey. Extra charge for this will be $ 10.

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Detailed information is available on the company's website: There is also a lot of other useful information, in particular, on how to send a car or large commercial cargo from the USA; how to buy goods in US online stores and send them to the country you need and much more.

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Company Meest-america For many years, led by Natalia Brandafi. She herself went through immigration and knows firsthand how important it is that the sent piece of warmth to those close to her homeland come safe and on time. Therefore, she makes every effort so that the company she leads can guarantee this reliability. And this is bearing fruit - with it Meest-America has grown from a small representative office to a powerful post-logistic structure on the east coast of America and continues to develop.

“Meest has developed very quickly and powerfully,” recalls the general manager. - It’s enough to say that we moved to larger premises four times due to the increase in the volume of our shipments. We started with a small warehouse of 7 thousand square meters. feet in Linden, and now we are working in Port Reading with a warehouse of 90 thousand square meters. feet. "

Now every week the company sends several tons of cargo from the USA. About 500 agents work in different states of America, ready to come and pick up your parcel for shipment.

“The key to our success in the USA is a well-coordinated professional and responsible team. We constantly monitor changes in the market and draw the right conclusions by offering a competitive product and price. And most importantly, we keep our promises to our customers, ”Natalia Brandafi shared the secret of business success in the US market.

Over decades, Meest-America has learned to work in the most diverse and not always favorable conditions in the international shipping market, while earning the image of a reliable and responsible partner. And the situation with coronavirus is no exception - even in the current difficult conditions Meest-america able to provide reliable and timely delivery of your gifts or help to loved ones in another country. Having applied for services at Meest, you will always be satisfied with their quality.

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address: 600 Markley Street, Port Reading, NJ 07064

Educational program how to save money sending parcel Meest-america

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