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Dinosaurs flew over San Diego: what is happening and what does the new Legoland have to do with it

On February 22, four LEGO dinosaurs appeared at the Legoland California Resort in San Diego. The dinosaurs “flew” into the park using a crane and wooden boxes. Dino Valley at the theme park will open this spring, reports Fox5.

Photo: iStock.com/paulafrench

Due to the size and weight of the models, a crane was required to move them to the new home. The bright purple, 74kg Dilophosaurus was the first to fly across the sky, followed by a yellow LEGO Dilophosaurus model that took a team of five model makers 450 hours to design and build.

Dino Valley will feature a total of 35 different LEGO dinosaur models, including pterodactyls, raptors, parasaurolophus and brachiosaurs. They were created from over 1,8 million LEGO bricks.

The largest LEGO model in Dino Valley will be the Tyrannosaurus Rex, standing over 3m tall, and will be featured in one of the three Explorer River Quest attractions.

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The theme park will also feature an interactive excavation area where young guests can search for fossils and build their own miniature dinosaurs.

While adding new territory and reimagining the attractions, architects and designers left Coastersaurus, which has been in the park since 2004, untouched.

To celebrate 25 years, Legoland California Resort is offering limited time discounts including Tickets $25 for children ages 2 to 12, valid through March 10, and a birthday package with 50% off children's tickets.

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