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Season starts: California fires raging, evacuation announced

The rapidly spreading Lake Fire, which erupted on August 12 near Lake Hughes, California, led to the evacuation of residents of at least 100 homes. Within hours of the fire, the area of ​​the fire quickly grew to 10 acres (000 ha). Writes about it LAist.

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Officials have warned that the fire continues to move in a northeast direction.

Currently, there are over 100 buildings in the primary evacuation zones, including residential and utility buildings.

There are 500 firefighters at the scene, including 300 from Los Angeles County and another 200 firefighters from various departments, including units from the City of Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County and other fire stations in Los Angeles County.

“Keep in mind that this is a major fire,” Richardson said. "We'll be here for a few more days."

He also warned that the fire started early in the fire season and was "intensifying without any minimal winds." Richardson added that things will change in a few months when the Santa Ana winds kick in.

The fire, which erupted in an area that officials said there has been no fire since 1968, has moved to an area where there is a lot of raw materials for the fire, making it difficult to fight it. One official called it "a recipe for the rapid growth of fire."

Nevertheless, firefighters hope that favorable conditions will allow them to take control of the fire element.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is providing evacuation assistance, which has expanded to include about 100 homes that must be evacuated within hours of a fire. Due to COVID-19, it is impossible to create traditional shelters.

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By comparison, there are 2,5 acres (640 ha) per square mile (258 sq. Km). This means that the fire is occurring over an area of ​​approximately 15 square miles (38 sq km).

Basic data
  • Area: 10 acres (000 ha)
  • Localization: 0%
  • Homes under threat
  • Deployed Resources: 21 Strike Teams

Mandatory evacuation

Northwest of Lake Hughes Road and Lake Elizabeth Road

West Trail Mtn View Road in Lake Hughes

Everything south of Highway 138

Evacuation centers

People: Highland High School | 39055 25th St., West Palmdale


  • Castaic Animal Care Center (31044 Charlie Canyon Rd)
  • Lancaster Animal Care Center (5210 W. Avenue I)
  • Palmdale Animal Care Center (38550 Sierra Highway)
  • Antelope Valley Exhibition Center - Large Animals Only (2551 W. Avenue in Lancaster)

Closing roads
  • Lake Hughes Road is currently closed from Castaic to Pine Canyon.
  • 3 Points Rd to Pine Canyon Rd
  • Ridge Route to Lake Hughes
  • Pine Canyon Rd at Highway 138

As of August 1, in the Angeles National Forest, the fire hazard has increased from "very high" to "extreme". Parts of the area affected by the fire have not been on fire since 1968, officials said.

Within an hour after the start of the fire, a cloud formed that rose high into the sky, and smoke was visible as far as Santa Cruz Island.

High intimidating clouds form as the intense heat from the fire causes the air to rise. Then, rising higher into the atmosphere, it cools and condenses. The smoke can then travel hundreds, if not thousands of miles. In some cases, thunderstorms can form.

Additional Information

For the latest information directly from local emergency personnel, visit the following websites and social media accounts:

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